These Inspirational Books Will Give You The Curious Case Of Travel Bugs

25 Inspirational Books To Give You The Curious Case of Travel Bugs

Calling all those who are looking to be bitten by a travel bug! We curated a list of top 25 books that uplift the pure happiness one gains while traveling.

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‘Live life to its fullest’ is True for these Instagram Travel Couples from Asia

“Travelling – It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta. That’s exactly what happened with these couples who turned into storytellers by traveling the world together, giving every couple some serious couple goals this Valentine’s Day.

World Sacred Spirit Festival

Jodhpur, Let’s Enter Zen Mode? | World Sacred Spirit Festival

World Sacred Spirit Sufi Festival in Jodhpur is to be organized this year on February 12-18. Started in the 10th and 11th century AD. After the influence of Islam in India, Rajasthan is one of the important states for Sufi mysticism.

The Whitman Brothers

5 Underrated Films Which’ll Make You Pack Your Bags Now

Films have inspired us to do various things and most importantly – explore new places. But there are a few films that haven’t gotten enough limelight that we expected they would.

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Stuck in Indiranagar Traffic? Get Off Roads!

Bangalore has always been blooming with new places offering various activities for people of all ages. From a whole new list of events lined up for every week, you’d usually miss out on quite a few.


Feeling Filmy? | Hill-Stations in South India To Fill The Gap

Hill-stations have always given us travel goals – be its filmy destinations or just nature’s amazing existence.

Jaipur: Galta

Beyond Jaipur | A Traveler’s Guide

Jaipur holds so much energy inside it that you’re bound to absorb some before leaving the city!

Warangal Fort Ruins

Already explored Hyderabad? Get out!

If you’ve already explored Hyderabad like a local, it’s time to head out and discover more places beyond the horizon!

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6 Highway Eateries That Can Replace Speed Bumps

It is often seen avid bikers are passionate foodies and vice-a-versa. We tried finding a correlation between the two if this theory truly exists! Highway eateries, here we come!

KGA Festival

What makes 2018 so artsy?

We welcomed 2018, ok. But what about the rest of it? We hear you! India and its ever so artsy festivals are here to shake things up and it’s alluringly calling you to be a part of it.