5 Underrated Wanderlust Movies to make you Pack your Bags Now!

Wanderlust Movies have inspired us to do various things and most importantly – explore new places. But there are a few films that haven’t gotten enough limelight that we expected they would.

A Must Watch underrated Wanderlust Movies List for Travelers:

Tell us if your favorite film is on the list! And if not, which ones did we miss?

1. Into The Wild

Christopher McCandless
Credits: Into The Wild

If a travel films’ list does not have Into The Wild in it, does it even qualify to be a list? Into The Wild is easily one of the most groundbreaking films to have been ever made. The emotions that this film will make you feel are infinite – inspirational, devastating, happy, depressing, enthusiastic and so many more emotions at the same time.

The screen progression is absolutely beautiful and a number of dialogues from the novel (Yes, it’s adapted from a novel which goes by the same name) are carefully timed and wonderfully delivered by Emile Hirsch. It’s almost as if he was Christopher McCandless.

2. The Motorcycle Diaries

Through the countryside of SA
Credits: The Motorcycle Diaries

Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, or Che Guevara as he’s more fondly known as, is the glorious story of a young medical student who rode across South America with his close friend, a biochemist to unveil the harsh reality of people.

Whether you see it as an inspiration to do something great for your community or not, The Motorcycle Diaries is an excellent film to get your inner travel instincts up and growling! Coupled with immaculate scenery, this film is just the one to watch if you’re feeling a bit low or don’t know where your life is heading to.

3. Eat Pray Love

Liz on a bicycle
Credits: Eat Pray Love

If you’re a foodie, stop right here and go watch this film! Though food is only one-third of the film, you’ll immediately sign the “I will travel more this year” group’s registration as soon as you watch this film. There’s absolutely no other ‘out’ here!

So, each word of the title will take you to a different country with beautiful landscapes and just plain gorgeous streets with a lot of color along the way. Also adapted from a book with the same title, Eat Pray Love is the ultimate film to watch on a Monday night to drive away those weekend blues and inspire you to stay strong until Friday kicks in!

4. Before Sunrise

Jesse and Celine in a music store
Credits: Before Sunrise

Richard Linklater knows how to hijack his viewer’s eyes. Before Sunrise is a fine example of an artistic film that preaches travel on all four sides. Before Sunrise is followed by two more films titled Before Sunset and Before Midnight.

This film series is highly underrated by a lot of people for a variety of reasons that we’ll not delve into right now. The way the film progresses is beyond comprehension and you the whole European experience will force you to book tickets soon after you finish watching it!

5. The Darjeeling Limited

The Whitman Brothers
Credits: The Darjeeling Limited

Directed by none other than the legend himself, Wes Anderson has a knack of intertwining a sense of realism in a surreal environment. When people say ‘love at first sight’, we’re sure they meant it while watching a Wes Anderson film!

Watching The Darjeeling Limited is an experience in itself – the ruckus throughout the train journey and the continual tidal wave of hidden emotions amongst the characters that are gradually revealed as they travel together. That’s the thing about traveling with people; you learn so much about someone that you wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

Travelling brings you close and that’s a universal fact! Watching this film will not only make you pack your bags and get on a train but also make you call your parents! The beauty of this film is unmatchable for this very reason, the fact that it embodies so many traits of a traveler in metaphors all the while.

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