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It is often seen avid bikers are passionate foodies and vice-a-versa. They enjoy the benefits of riding a motorcycle to explore the lesser seen places and unexplored restaurants. We tried finding a correlation between the two if this theory truly exists! Highway Eateries, here we come! We have curated 6 Best Highway Restaurants in and around Bangalore for your Next Trip with their Reviews and Cost. 

The best way to find out the relation was to ask them directly. We reached out to some of the bikers, and to our amaze, almost all of them happened to be foodies. Now that cannot be a coincidence.

So, we decided to dig deeper as to what makes these bikers, foodies? To assess whether or not you’re a true biker,  you should definitely know about these 5 best adventure motorcycles in 2018. And now since you are one, True bikers are those who are not afraid to explore new boundaries, foods, and experiences.

So, for all the aspiring bikers here are some best highway restaurants in and around Bangalore where you can hangout after an early morning bike ride.

1. Rasta Café

Rasta Cafe, Mysore Road - best highway restaurants in and around bangalore
Credits: Rasta Cafe, Zomato

Rasta Café located at Ramanagara is a plush café where you can hop in for European cuisines. It is Rastafarian Café, with a chilled-out ambiance, that will bring out the biker within you even if you’re not a biker at all. The place has an open seating area, where you can enjoy the awesome food and enjoy nature’s beauty. The serene location makes it eligible for the most instagrammed photography spots in Bangalore.

Google Map Location: Rasta Café

2. Kamat Lokaruchi

Kamat Lokaruchi - highway restaurants on mysore road
Credits: kamatyatri.in

Kamat Lokaruchi is another hangout place where you can chill with your biker buddies. It is located on the Mysore road. They specialize in Mangalorean and Konkani cuisines. Take a trip to this place on your way to Ramanagara trek.

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Google Map Location: Kamat Lokaruchi

3. Indian Paratha Company

Indian Paratha Company - highway restaurants on bangalore mysore highway
Credits: indianparathacompany.com

If you are a North-Indian, then Parathas in all shapes, sizes, and flavors are not new to you. Indian Paratha Company gives you the same. Located near the Bangalore Airport, Indian Paratha Company is the best place to stop for breakfast on your way to Nandi Hills.

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They have more than 20 varieties of paratha. So, to ensure you savor each one of them you must come to this place multiple times. (wink, wink)

Google Map Location: Indian Paratha Company

4. Vaishali

Hotel Vaishali - highway restaurants around bangalore
Credits: Indian Express

Hotel Vaishali on Mysore road is a traditional Kerala style eatery. The ambiance of this place is simplistic yet attractive. They serve good veg and non-veg breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The ambiance is open and spacious which gives you ample space to have a merry time with your biker buddies. If you are hardcore non-veg, try out their Kheema Dosa and thank us later!

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Google Map Location: Vaishali

5. Coringa

Coringa Restaurant - highway restaurants around bangalore
Credits: Just Dial

Known for their signature seafood dishes and Andhra food, Coringa is located at Yelahanka. The ambiance is not that fancy but that should not stop you from visiting this place.

If it is your maiden visit to this place, ask the waiter for suggestions. Some of the dishes that you can try are murgh ghee roast and chilli-chicken. Is your mouth watering like ours is?

Google Map Location: Coringa

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6. Guru Greens

best highway restaurants in and around bangalore
Credits: Ankit Agrawal, Zomato

Located at NICE road, Guru Greens is a paradise for Non-Veg lovers. They have an outdoor seating area, where you can socialize over breakfast and a cup of coffee.

Our best tip – Try Tandoori Chicken and Pepper Chicken in their menu.

Google Map Location: Guru Greens

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