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It’s that time of the month where the ‘elvis’ in our pocket has left the building. Texts, ads, offers keep on popping on our screen and how we wish February began sooner; and we could go back to doing exciting things.

So we thought, why to take this situation and be all ‘Ross’ about it, rather let’s pull up our socks and become ‘Monica’ to find fun things to do in Koramangala without burning a hole in our pocket.

Me-time lovers, Foodies, Thrillseekers, Shopaholics, Art lovers; if you relate to any of the aforementioned categories then Voila! We got something for you. Let’s see what our friendly neighborhood has to offer.

#1 Me-Time Lovers

If you have annoying roommates, failed travel plans or just the mere desire to be all by yourself, then you need to head over to Dialogues. The tagline for this cafe is “everything here is absolutely free, except your time”, and oh my! How effortlessly do they stick by that.

Dialogues Cafe
Credits: Dialogues Cafe

A library with a wide variety of books, rooms with board games, open rooftop, kitchen to feed you while you enjoy your time, they have it all. You can do whatever you want to: work, play, eat, read or just wonder in your thoughts and pay only for the time you spend there.

Where: Koramangala 4th Block

Price: Rs. 220 for the first hour  (Includes F&B, WiFi)

#2 Foodies

If you’re in Koramangala, then welcome to paradise for foodies owing to all various cuisines and kinds of restaurants set up. To find a place which will satisfy your craving within a budget is a task which can be accomplished easily. May it be for Biryani, Tibetan, Mexican, or dessert you name it, and everything has a budget-friendly option.

Biryani – Meghana’s Biryani

Price: Rs.225 for a chicken biriyani

Tibetan – Tenzin Kitchen

Where: Z-6/121, Money Centre Building, Koramangala 7th Block

Price: Rs.110 for chicken thukpa

Mexican – California Burrito

Where: 123, 1st Main, JNC Road, 5th Block

Price: Starting at Rs.190. Go ahead and customize your rice bowls, tacos or burritos.

Dessert –  Belgian Waffle

Where: Shop 49/1, Ground Floor, 1st Main, 5th Block, Near Jyoti Nivas College

Price: Rs.150 for a red velvet waffle (other options start from Rs.110)

#3 Thrillseekers

You have binged watched FRIENDS, HIMYM and probably GOT also. And before you become a meme representing Penny from BBT, you need to get out and get some thrill in your life!

Escape Room

Head over to Escape Rooms to break the monotony. Get your Sherlock glasses on and solve real-time puzzles, problems using the hidden clues within 45 minutes to escape! We bet by the time you come out, you will be left with a sense of accomplishment.

Where: 2nd Floor, No: 138, 1st Cross 5th Block

Price: Starting at Rs. 475

#4 Shopaholics

Why shop in Forum mall when you can shop stylish and affordable clothes in Tibet mall. This mall will pull you towards it with their unique shoes, jackets, and dresses for every occasion and trend.

Tibet Mall

Located opposite to Jyoti Niwas College, they make sure to set prices to suit their budget-conscious student customers. And if you happen to save any money after the shopping extravaganza( which we highly doubt will happen), then you can head over to the Tibetan restaurants on top and enjoy some piping hot momos.

Where: No. 47, 5th Block, Industrial Layout, Near to Jyoti Nivas College

Price: N/A

#Art Lovers

For the people who are always on the lookout for anything creative happening around, Atta Galatta is the perfect spot. You can attend events like storytelling, poetry, book reading, workshops, art exhibitions or just grab a cup of coffee and a book from their shelf of over 10,000 books in various languages.

Atta Galatta
Credits: Bookistan

Atta Galatta always has a creative buzz going on. And while you’re there, you will see why this culture space is a favorite among all the art lovers.

Where:134, KHB Colony, 5th Block

Price: N/A

Atta Galatta
Credits: Bookistan

We know, we know, we might have spoiled you with choices. But, Hey! Now you don’t have to wait for your salary to come to have some gala time in Koramangala. With Bengaluru being a melting pot of cultures, there’s something for everyone in every corner of the city.

You definitely don’t want to miss out on those things. So, with this list handy, how about you go and make your list of things you find exciting to do in your neighborhood. To save yourself from ever so adamant auto drivers and high cab fares, hire a bike and explore namma Bengaluru to come up with your list.

Happy exploring!


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