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10 Best under 300cc Sport Bikes in India to Purchase in 2018

One of the fun and sporty ways to get to one place from another is by riding a great motorbike. We will all agree that nothing can be compared with the simple pleasure of riding a bike, especially with these 5 Interesting Advantages of Riding a Motorcycle.

From power to style, a bike is able to deliver a whole range of things in a single exotic package.

For one to be able to enjoy riding a bike to the maximum, it is crucial that they go for a powerful model.

The engine should be able to give the rider enough momentum and energy required for being able to feel the full range of extreme emotions which the rush of riding a bike gives.

Gliding on the road through traffic and rushing towards your destination in a sleek and powerful package feels like simply nothing else.

One of the best options to experience the adrenaline is to go for a bike which is just under 300 CC. The power of that engine should be enough to get into the range of going beyond the purpose of getting from A to B.

It becomes more of a fascinating experience filled with adrenaline and excitement. In the following roll, we have curated a list of top ten bikes under 300 CC which you can go ahead and purchase to have an excitement filled travelling.

Read on to find out more:

1. Kawasaki Ninja 250SL – Best 300cc Sport Bikes

Kawasaki is a company known for being able to combine style and performance in an excellent package.

Known for their quality and reliability, Kawasaki is one of the world’s most beloved motorbike manufacturers. The Ninja 250SL looks simply like no other bike you have laid your eyes upon.

It is a visual marvel to look at and is sure to turn heads as it rushes through the streets. When it comes to performance, the Ninja 250SL is far from disappointing the rider.

The bike is a lightweight machine and delivers excellent performance on both city streets as well on the highways.

For the price point it comes at, the Kawasaki Ninja 250SL is simply worth every single penny you shell out.

If you’re in the market for a great bike for yourself, the Kawasaki Ninja 250SL is a great motorbike to purchase.  

Best 300 cc Sport Bikes-Kawasaki Ninja 250SL
Image Credits: Bikes Republic

2. BMW G310R – 313cc Sports Bike

When it comes to motorbikes, one of the best-known names is BMW. For being able to manufacture some of the best motorbikes in the world, BMW is a brand which has been able to garner a tremendous amount of popularity over time.

The G310R is one of the most popular choices from BMW when it comes to purchasing a quality motorbike loaded with enough power for the ride to be nothing less than memorable.

From being able to deliver absolutely peak performance on the road to the track, the BMW G310R does not disappoint its rider.  


BMW G310R - 313cc Sports Bike
Image Credits: Autoportal

3.Yamaha YZF R3 – Yamaha 300cc Bike Price

Yamaha is known for being able to manufacture some of the best motorbikes in the world. From performance to design, it is hard to beat a Yamaha.

With amazing bodywork and ergonomics, YZF R3 boasts of best aerodynamics and a sleeker style. The lowered fuel tank design and the lowered handlebars provide greater confidence and grip when you’re on the racetrack. Also, enjoy the maximized cooling airflow for the engine with a central air duct paired with cross-layered fairing panels.

Why wait? The speed you need is here!

4. Suzuki Gixxer SF 250

The Gixxer series developed by the phenomenal bike manufacturer, Suzuki is one of their most popular and bestselling styles.

With a phenomenal design and a whole lot of power packed into its engine, the Suzuki Gixxer is an absolute treat to the one who understands biking and motorbikes.

Best 300cc Sport Bikes-Suzuki Gixxer SF 250
Image Credits: Gaadiwaadi
5. Hero HX250R

One of the best names when it comes to manufacturing motorbikes, the name of Hero pops up very frequently.

The X250R from Hero is one of their most popular series of motorbikes and is simply a pleasure to ride. Packed with an immense amount of power, the Hero 250R is bound to deliver a sublime experience to the rider.

Best 300cc Sport Bikes-Hero HX250R
Image Credits: Autos Maxabout
6. Bajaj Pulsar NS200

One of the most popular bike series to have ever been sold is the incredible Bajaj Pulsar. They serve the best quality and performance.

Bajaj is also known for being able to deliver some of the finest biking experiences in its kind. Having remained as a popular choice, the Bajaj Pulsar NS200 is a fantastic option to go for.  

Best 300cc Sport Bike-Bajaj Pulsar NS200
Image Credits: News 18
7. Hyosung GD250R

One of the most popular South Korean motorbikes is Hyosung. Known for an amazing level of performance and excellent build quality, the Hyosung GD250R tops every checkbox there is to make sure of.

One of the finest bikes which you can purchase with a power of 300 CC is the incredible Hyosung GD250R. It will become your absolute favourite in no time.

Best 300cc Sport Bike-Hyosung GD250R  
Image Credits: JustBikes
8. Yamaha R15 Version 3.0

One of the best motorbikes which you can put your money into is the amazing Yamaha R15 Version 3.0. A fascinating machine which is known for delivering a mesmerizing experience.

If in the market for a quality bike, the Yamaha R15 Version 3.0 is one of the best picks to go for.

Best 300cc Sport Bike-Yamaha R15 Version 3.0
Image Credits: Ontwowheels
9. Benelli Tornado 300

One of the best-established bike manufacturers of the world is Benelli Tornado 300. An excellent piece of machine, the Tornado 300 is an absolute delight to own and ride.

With delivering peak quality and excellent riding experience, the Tornado 300 is a fantastic piece of machinery to own.

Best 300cc Sport Bike-Benelli Tornado 300
Image Credits: Ultimate Motorcycling
10. Benelli BX 250 Motard

One of the best off-road motorbikes which you could purchase in today’s day and age, the Benelli BX 250 Motard is an absolute thrill to ride. The BX 250 Motard is able to deliver excellent performance with peak efficiency.  

Best 300cc Sport Bike-Benelli BX 250 Motard
Image Credits: Benelli UAE

There you have it! Have fun, be active. Ride a bike for example!

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