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South India is an epitome of lush green landscapes and enticing routes which restores faith in the saying that a journey is more enterprising than the destination itself. In this blog, we’ve written about the best biking routes in South India which you ought to take.

It would be less than the shock that people actually plan the entire journey without considering where the final destination is. For motorcycle enthusiasts, the route matters more than anything else on the planet which makes them excellent plan makers of all.

Following are the Best Biking Routes in South India:

If you are planning to indulge in, let’s say, the best bike trips in South India ever – consider the routes like Bangalore to Kannur, Mumbai to Trivandrum, Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar, Mumbai to Goa, Bangalore to Munnar and Hyderabad to Kannur if you’re a beginner.

1. Bangalore to Kannur Route

Bangalore has been the ultimate nest for bikers to begin their journeys from – be it towards the south or north. Towards the south of India, Kannur in Kerala has been known for its mystical forests, always enchanting bikers and making them come back for more.

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Bangalore to Kannur - Best Biking Routes in South India

Totalling up to 320 Kilometers, the scenic route that is hosted along the Western Ghats is nothing short of a mesmerizing spell. The scenic route is extremely self-fulfilling in a sense that cannot be emulated in any other sort of an environment. If you plan to leave early in the morning, it will easily take you around 8 hours.

Google Map Route: Bangalore to Kannur

Take the NH 275 and thank us later! Above is the Google Map Route for your convenience.

2. Mumbai to Trivandrum Route

At approximately 1700 Kilometers, Trivandrum is a 27-hour journey from Mumbai. A beautiful ride along the NH 44, NH 48 or the Bangalore-Hyderabad highway adds to the beauty of a long bike ride. Below is the Google Map Route for your convenience.

Google Map Route: Mumbai to Trivandrum

With countless beaches along the way, you will never feel like exhaustion hitting you at any point in time in your journey. The best time to head out on this road trip would be mid-winter when the summer heat has subsided and the sun sets a little early.

Mumbai to Trivandrum - Best Biking Routes in South India

Although that might be a backlash, trust us it as it actually isn’t! The not-so-cold chill breeze that hits you during the journey is unfathomable. You will land up in Goa, the king of beaches in India. So, forget about exhaustion and embrace the energy!

Also, places like Alleppey and Cochin will definitely come on your way. The best part of this route is that you will cover major coastal towns along your way which means you can easily cover a part of Western Ghats in a short period of time.

3. Bangalore to Munnar Route

The total distance between Bangalore to Munnar sums up to be approximately 480 Kilometers. So that would take you around 9 hours to complete the entire trip! Taking multiple stops in between the journey is a good way to tackle tiredness and hunger too.

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Bangalore to Munnar - Best Biking Routes in South India

Take the NH 44 and experience a serene bike ride through the wilderness of Western Ghats. Munnar is known for its coffee and tea plantations which means you will find tons of plantations even before reaching Munnar. Below is the Google Map Route for your convenience.

Google Map Route: Bangalore to Munnar

Imagine riding through organized farms in the middle of winter, with no cement and mortar to distract your eyes from. This is what we live for! Bikers would understand this strange feeling and you can feel it too!

4. Chennai to Yelagiri Route

Yelagiri is a sort of heaven for bikers. A hill station in the southern state of India, Tamil Nadu, Yelagiri can be easily mistaken for Ooty as the number of tourists visiting this place has hiked up over the past few years. The bike route between Chennai and Yelagiri is one of the best biking routes in South India that you will ever come across.

Chennai to Yelagiri - Best Biking Routes in South India

The total distance between the two towns would be around 200 Kilometers and will easily take you around 4 hours to complete the trip. Below is the Google Map Route for your convenience.

Google Map Route: Chennai to Yelagiri

With thin hairpin bends along the route, you will have a bike ride of your life! It is almost as if this route was laid down for bikers to indulge in a bit of adrenaline rush! Take either the NH 48 or the NH 32 as both of them offer mesmerizing views to anyone who upholds the legacy of good biking spirit.

5. Bangalore to Pondicherry Route

Pondy has been long known for its young-hip culture that attracts people from all across the globe. Riding from Bangalore to Pondy would make you complete around 300 Kilometers in under 7 hours. With the ride along extensively green landscapes comes the final destination that is the capital of Puducherry.

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Bangalore to Pondicherry - Best Biking Routes in South India

The trip is both beginnings and endings at the same time which will leave you confused in a happy kind of way! Taking the NH 48 or NH 75 would not make a difference as both are as beautiful as it can get! Find Google Map Location for this route below.

Google Map Route: Bangalore to Pondicherry

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