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5 Best Dhabas or Restaurants On The Way to Chettinad

The ultimate getaway for a vacation and the adrenaline rush that comes with it, more so if you’re biking your way to your destination, is the most awaited for. Hence, we’ve made a list of Best Dhabas or Restaurants on the way to Chettinad.

Everything is thrilling, from the start of the journey to the very end of it, and all of it in between. But no trip is ever complete without food, especially the local delicacies of the place you’re visiting.

It is inevitably the food that stays in memory after every trip. But what when you have too many options and it gets seemingly difficult to pick one?

Here we bring you 5 of the best dhabas and restaurants on the way to Chettinad, which serve mouth-watering Chettinad cuisine for your trip to the beautiful and ancient town of Chettinad.


1. The Bangala

The Bangala-Restaurants On The Way to Chettinad

Google Map Location: The Bangala

Located on Devakottai Road, Senjai, Karaikudi, this is an ancient restaurant, with just the perfect ambience to add on to the sumptuously delicious food, served on banana leaf.

The best part about the restaurant is that they also serve vegan and gluten-free for all those who are pretty conscious about their diet.

Though slightly overpriced for a few, the food is definitely worth a try. The dining is set around with old furniture, giving the place an ancient touch.

You could even get extra input on the history of the place, should you happen to meet the matriarch, Meenakshi Meyyappan.

The place serves both Vegetarian as well as Non-Vegetarian food.


2. Friends Restaurant

Friends Restaurant-Restaurants On The Way to Chettinad
Credits: Google Image

Google Map Location: Friends Restaurant

Another wonderful restaurant to try out is the Friends Restaurant, located in Karaikudi. This is a place very well known for its Non-Vegetarian delicacies.

Some dishes that you should definitely try out here if you’re a non-veg lover are Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Tandoori, Chicken fried rice, Fish fry and the best of all is the Prawns Pirattal.

The food here would definitely not disappoint you but leave you asking for more. There is an A.C. seating area in the restaurant for which an additional charge of Rs. 20/- needs to be paid. They serve a sumptuous and fulfilling meal, at a quite reasonable price.


3. Visalam

Visala-Restaurants On The Way to Chettinad

Google Map Location: Visalam CGH Earth Hotel

This restaurant is located in Kanadukathan, Sivaganga. It is widely famous for displaying Chettinad’s rich legacy through food.

They specialize in restoring the glory of Chettinad’s storied mansions, giving a heady experience of Chettinad’s culture and culinary heritage.

Priced at Rs.1200/- for two, the ambience is a perfect one where you can enjoy the delicious food while lounging on the terrace or by the pool.

The live playing of the flutes adds on to the divine culinary concoctions, giving you a memorable experience with some of the best food available.

4. Hotel New President

Hotel New President-On The Way to Chettinad

Google Map Location: Hotel New President

This is a dhaba-like restaurant located in Karaikudi. It is the oldest hotel, which started as milk kiosk at night, and is now a chain of fine restaurants, at 4 different places in Karaikudi.

The restaurant serves only vegetarian food and extremely affordable, priced at Rs. 400/- for 2 while serving a delicious platter of dishes.

The ambience is an unbeatable one, as it is an open-roof place and you’ll get to enjoy your food under a starlit sky!

The food is a mouth-watering menu of authentic Chettinad cuisine. This is definitely a recommended place to visit.


5. Hotel Annapoorna

Hotel Annapoorna-On The Way to Chettinad
Credits: Google Photos

Google Map Location: Hotel Annapoorna

Located on the busy Koviloore Road, this restaurant has a Dial-for-Food option, given its crowded customer visits and location a few minutes away from the highway.

They assure quick and good service, while undoubtedly serving really tasty options for food. This is another vegan restaurant.

Visitors have praised it for its cleanliness and hygiene. The highly recommended dish here is the Milagu Adai Dosa, which primarily consists of pepper on a thin roasted dosa.

A reasonable place, with quick satisfying food for the occasional hunger pangs.

And while you’re enjoying these absolute delicacies, the historic town of Chettinad, famous for the mansions built by wealthy merchants, has many food outlets inside the town, which are purely a foodies paradise for their Chettinad cuisine.

The town itself is a 2&1/2 hour drive from the bustling city of Madurai. Chettinad has mesmerizing architecture and quiet streets with numerous shrines overflowing with Terracotta figurines.

All this combined with the suggested delicious food, would definitely count for an extremely enjoyable and memorable trip to Chettinad.

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