best restaurants on bangalore mysore highway

5 Best Restaurants on Bangalore Mysore Highway

Riding your way all over to the incredible city of Mysore can prove to be an extremely fun experience. Road trips are usually packed with a lot of energy, excitement and adrenaline, so to keep up your energy level high check out these awesome & best restaurants on the way to Mysore from Bangalore.

They are experiences which one should go through at least once throughout their lives. While on such incredible trips one of the most important things to make sure is that you are fueling your system with a bunch of quality food along the way, in order to stay healthy and fit.

While on road trips, the places to get your food from are the incredible dhabas. They can provide with some of the best foods and an experience which makes you feel like coming back for more.

Dhabas are some of the best places to get some of the most delicious and hearty meals on the go while being on a road trip. With the rustic surroundings and incredible dishes, dhabas are a vital part of any fun road trip.

With the country being dotted with an innumerable amount of dhabas, it could get difficult to filter out the best ones to stop for and get a quality meal. While on the trip it is also crucial to manage the trip expenses for a successful & memorable experience, which suits all of your travel partner’s pockets as well.

In the list below, we have curated some of the five best dhabas which you may come across on your way to Mysore. Take a look to find out more:

1. Haveli – Restaurants on the way to Mysore from Bangalore

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One of the best dhabas to stop for with sumptuous delicacies is the incredible Haveli. Known for serving some of the best deliveries from the country, Haveli is a place where people from all over the country come by to taste the incredible food which is served here.

With a unique and authentic taste which is difficult to find at any place in the country, Haveli is a dhaba which you must surely make a stop by while on your road trip.

Known for serving a hearty meal to the customers, a sumptuous meal at the Haveli will leave you refuelled and ready for getting back on your road trip with full energy and gusto!

Haveli is known best for serving Punjabi food. If you are a fan of Daal Makhni, look no further than Haveli to serve you some of the best Daal Makhni which you have ever tasted in your life.

2. Bhajan Tadka Dhaba – The dhaba on the way to Mysore.

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One of the best dhabas in the country, Bhajan Tadka Dhaba is renowned for serving some of the most delicious food found in dhabas.

Serving food with an authentic taste of India, Bhajan Tadka Dhaba is loved by customers from all over the country. If you happen to have a chance to stop by this incredible dhaba, make sure to do so.

Bhajan Tadka Dhaba is known for maintaining some of the highest food quality standards and therefore, it is absolutely a lovely place to visit for eating a hearty meal before continuing on the road trip.

In case you are craving for some of the most scrumptious snacks, make sure to order some of their incredible ginger tea and delicious pakoras to go along with it.

3. Grand Lassi Shop – Refreshing Drinks on the way to Mysore

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One of the most refreshing drinks which this country has to offer is a glass full of lassi. The grand lassi shop is one of the best places to get a glass of delicious lassi and rejuvenate the senses.

Bike riding could turn out to be a strenuous activity if the body isn’t receiving enough nutrition and more importantly, hydration. There is no better alternative than a cool glass of delicious lassi to get the energy back to carry on with the epic road trip.

The Grand Lassi Shop offers some of the most amazing lassis which will make you feel like drinking more of it! This refreshing drink is an absolute must on a fun and exciting road trip. Therefore, if you happen to spot this place on your way, make sure to stop by for a refreshing glass of delicious lassi!

4. Sharma Dhaba

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Known for its scrumptious dishes with lip-smacking taste, Sharma Dhaba is very well known for the excellent quality of food which they have been serving to their customers for a substantial period of time.

The food is known for the excellent quantity, thus offering excellent value for the reasonable prices charged.

Sharma Dhaba is known for serving a versatile and eclectic set of dishes, thus allowing the customer to pick from a range of different options. They are especially known for serving some of the best delicacies from the world of Rajasthani cuisine.

The restaurant happens to be a purely vegetarian one, and therefore if you are in the lookout for a hearty veggie meal, look no further than the incredible Sharma Dhaba!

5. Rao Dhaba

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Known for serving absolutely delicious food, Rao Dhaba’s incredible dishes will make you want to come back for more.

Serving some of the best paneer butter masala and tandoori naans, Rao Dhaba will give you the ultimate veggie meal which will fill your tummy and ready your body for the journey ahead! The taste of the food is simply incomparable.

The above list is a compilation of some of the most popular dhabas or restaurants which you may come across on your adrenaline-fueled trip.

Make sure to stop often to fuel your system with quality food. If you happen to spot any of the above dhabas or restaurants on your way, make sure to get inside and try some of the delicacies!

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