Every Biker wants to Ride with these Biker Clubs in Bangalore!

Bangalore goes synonymous with startups in every field imaginable. With the number of startups on the rise, a number of cars blocking the roads are also on the rise. That is exactly why most of the daily commuters in Bangalore choose motorbike over a car any day. 

Hence, we bring to you the ultimate list of ‘Biker Clubs in Bangalore’ that every biker wants to be a part of! Have you met these guys yet?

Top Biker Clubs in Bangalore:

1. Yamaha Riders Club

Formed in 2012, the Yamaha Riders Club is an all-out biker club in Bangalore that’s completely dedicated to the Yamaha brand! They organize monthly rides to various places in and around the city, the details of which are constantly updated on their Facebook page.

Although joining the club requires you to prove your mettle to the organizers, rest is etched in the history of fun-land! All you have to do is tell them why you’re so passionate about Yamaha bikes, join them for 3 rides and you’re in! Get around revving in and around the city like you own it! Yamaha Riders Club is definitely a club you want to get into.

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Yamaha Riders Club-Riders Club in Bangalore
Credits: Yamaha Riders Club

2. Royal Knights Motorcycle Club

If there’s a biker club in Bangalore truly dedicated to biking in the best spirit, it’s the Royal Knights Motorcycle Club. They do a weekly meet-up in the most happening places in the city that you wouldn’t think twice about joining them for a quick cuppa!

If you’re new to the city, we advise you to join the Royal Knights Motorcycle Club as they will make you feel at home away from home. Last year, they rode to Goa to celebrate their anniversary and you bet it was revving!

Ping them on Facebook or the number provided on their Facebook page and they’ll add you to their primary Whatsapp group – from there it’s an uphill ride only! Get ready to be a part of an overly enthusiastic bunch of riders who believe in nothing other than riding into the sun.

Royal Knights Motorcycle Club - biker clubs in bangalore
Credits: Royal Knights Motorcycle Club

3. The Kriegers

If you feel a little low, we know just the club for you! The Kriegers preach the colour Orange more than anything else and if this can’t get you back on your feet, then what will! These guys are purely into KTM’s but would have you over with any other kind of bike as well because hey, KTM is as friendly as it can get!

They recently rode to India Bike Week and will be gathering force soon. So head to their Facebook page and sign up before we change our mind and drag you in! If not riding, you will find them chilling in the city with a cold glass of drink in both their hands. What are you waiting for?

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The Kriegers at India Bike Week
Credits: The Kriegers

4. Bangalore Classic Scooter Club

Who would have thought there’s actually a club for scooters from the yesteryear? Impossible, right? No! We found a club right here in Bangalore that will feed your thirst for all things vintage. Bangalore Classic Scooter Club has more than 2000 members and is slowly growing onto Bangaloreans!

A club dedicated to people who still ride the Lambretta, Lamby 150, Vijai Super, Falcon, Allwyn Pushpak, Rajdoot Runabout, Enfield Fantabulous, Bajaj Scooters or the LML Vespa, pull up your socks and get in here! BCSC is the ultimate place to relive those cherished younger days of our lives. Check their Facebook Page and let’s go time traveling with these dudes?

Bangalore Classic Scooter Club
Credits: Bangalore Classic Scooter Club

5. The Roaring Pistons

They’ve been loyal to KTM and the people who own it. The Roaring Pistons have built a metaphoric temple for things orange! If you own a KTM or know someone who owns a KTM, B-B-S and get to this club before they head out for another monthly ride!

Reach out to them on Facebook and join the club as soon as you can because they can’t control the excitement! (we can’t either!) TRP just celebrated their second anniversary in November so they’re still younglings in the whole biking clubs scenario but if you got some raw energy which you need to channelize, then this is the club to hit!

The Roaring Pistons
Credits: The Roaring Pistons

6. Bajaj Avenger Club

The best part of the Bajaj Avenger Club is that they’re present not only in Bangalore but also in Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Indore, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Nagpur! So even if you move out our ooru, you still got some place to chill.

If your enthusiasm level for all things bike is over 9000, we suggest you check out this club before you do anything else! They have a bunch of events all lined up on their website for the brand new year of 2018 so don’t waste another sweat! All you need to do is sign up and the rest will become history! Check their Facebook Page here.

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Bajaj Avenger Club-Bikers Club in Bangalore
Credits: Bajaj Avenger Club

7. Road Thrill

What started as a small scale biking community has grown into a full-fledged Chapter in major cities all across India. Road Thrill is a not-for-profit organization that believes in restoring the spirit of motorcycling and rekindling the travel enthusiasm.

Ever since its inception in 2015, RT has been rapidly spreading all across India. With RT Chapters in Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Coimbatore, Shivamogga, and Mumbai, they have been enlightening people about biking and taking numerous people on unmatchable road trips.

If you’re an all-out motorcyclist, Road Thrill is the club to join! They take bikes really seriously and you should too! Check their dedication for bikes on Road Thrill’s Facebook Page.

Road Thrill
Credits: Road Thrill

8. Bangalore Motorcycle Club (BMC)

Let’s call it the most welcoming club! Wondering why? The reason is simple. It’s because they welcome every bike lover from a  beginner to a pro and bikes with minimum 150 cc. Best part about the Bangalore Motorcycle Club is that, along with having loads of fun riding, this group also works toward helping our society by fund raising.

BMC is the child of Mr. Niranjan Prasad’s undying love for bikes, who was an employee of Royal Enfield. The club celebrated it’s 6th anniversary recently in December 2017.

If you are someone who loves bikes and riding them, with a spirit of giving back to the society, then this is the club for you! What are you waiting for? Just go join them and follow them on Facebook as well.

bangalore motorcycle club-biker club in bangalore
Credits: Bangalore Motorcycle Club

9. The Bangalore’s Pandhis Motorcycle Club (BPMC)

This is the only club which has 4 riders who were the first Indians to complete the Iron Butt Ride which gave them an entry into the US based Iron Butt Association. This makes it the coolest biker club of all time and all the Bangaloreans are lucky to have it in Bangalore.

Getting a membership in this prestigious motorcycle club isn’t a piece of cake, and if you are lucky enough to get it, mind you – do not take it for granted as you will be removed from the group if you don’t attend at least once in 2 months.

The reasons to join BPMC are endless! Try your luck to get into this club so that you can boast about it. Join them on Facebook now!

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The Bangalore Pandhis Motorcycle Club-Biker Club in bangalore
Credits: The Bangalore Pandhis Motorcycle Club
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