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rent try and buy

Rent, Try & then Buy is the new Trend in 2020. Know how?

The traditional method of looking for a vehicle that best suits your needs and then buying it is fading away quickly. In 2020, it is all about trying out the vehicles, assessing them, and only then considering buying them. With the dawn of digitization, the mobility industry has experienced a huge shift in the way […]

bike rentals help you commute

Effect on Urban Mobility after Covid19 & how Bike Rentals will help you Commute

The effects of COVID-19 on a worldwide scale have been very huge, and have made a significant impact on the day to day lives of individuals. From changes in the regular routines to protocols to be followed for safely going out, COVID-19 has changed the very way of life of everyone across the globe. How […]

subsidies on electric vehicles

Impact of Government’s subsidies on Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles enjoy unflinching support of individuals, environmentalists, social groups and authorities for the sheer reason that they are thought to be more environment-friendly than their gas-powered counterparts. Governments, in particular, have offered attractive and generous subsidies and tax credits on electric vehicles in an attempt to make EVs the affordable eco-friendly alternatives to internal […]

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Infrastructure – Feasible or not?

All you want to know about Electric Vehicle Charging Station’s Infrastructure: Electric vehicles are quickly gaining popularity in all segments of automobiles. B2B giants in the relevant sectors are already investing a lot on electric delivery bikes. However, electric vehicles only account for less than a third of all on-road vehicles currently. This number is […]

electric bike range

Is e-bike supposed to run long range distances without pedaling?

Of all the Electric Vehicles on roads, e-bikes are gaining popularity among people who prefer environment-friendly vehicles that also allow them to commute without getting stuck in the traffic. E-bikes have lately caught the pulse of both youngsters and the middle-aged people in most cities in India. Today we get to see a lot of […]

heavy duty electric vehicles

The future of heavy duty Electric Vehicles – ONN Bikes

From their origin in the mid 18th century, electric vehicles or EVs have seen several changes including the development of the first electric car in the 1830s, the introduction of the first mass-produced electric cars in the 1900s, advancements in lithium-ion batteries and the possible introduction of solid-state batteries expected in 2020. Traditional vehicles using […]

electric vehicles top speed

5 Reasons why Electric Vehicles are Fast – ONN Bikes

Electric bikes are the latest sensation among electric vehicles. E-bikes are getting more and more popular; the quickly rising demand for e-bikes are proof of that. However, fans of the conventional gas-powered vehicles have not bought the idea of e-bikes being better, one of their major arguments being electric bikes can never achieve the speed […]

millennials and electric vehicles

Are Millennials / Gen Z ready for Electric Vehicles? ONN Electric

Millennials and Gen Z-ers who constitute the latest generation are often known for embracing and adopting modern practices and conventions. Gen Z-ers (people born between 1995 and 2010) are particularly known for their openness to new ideas and their commitment to various causes. With a large portion of the global population consisting of millennials and […]

electric delivery bikes

Why Electric delivery bikes are attracting B2B giants to invest on those?

Automakers across the globe are investing heavily in electric vehicles despite the fact that the demand for these vehicles at this point in time is not that high. This signals that there are high chances of a significant rise in the demand for EVs in the global market over the next couple of years as […]

gasoline vs electric bike

Gasoline vs Electric Bike: What happens to Gasoline if all go Electric?

Electric Vehicles are revolutionizing the transportation landscape and we all are ready to accept the change. It is time we understand how big the difference is going to be for the future of gasoline vs electric bikes. Is the change going to be slow or fast is something we need to wait and see. While […]

weather tips for electric bike

7 Extreme (Cold & Hot) Weather Tips for your Electric Bike

Electric Vehicles have become quite popular in the past few years and have the potential to replace conventional gasoline and diesel-run vehicles in the coming years. Though the Electric vehicles have got great admiration for lowering the carbon emission, they have received equal criticism over their battery life, efficiency and performance in cold weather conditions. […]

impact of electric vehicle

Impact of Electric Vehicles on city’s Air Quality – ONN Commute

How do we evaluate the impact of electric vehicles on Environment? What will be the Environmental aspects of the Electric Vehicles? Are we ready for the change? Let’s take a look how Electric Vehicles will help us to reduce air pollution. Air pollution has engulfed the entire world. Even the small level of pollution is […]

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