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electric delivery bikes

Why Electric delivery bikes are attracting B2B giants to invest on those?

Automakers across the globe are investing heavily in electric vehicles despite the fact that the demand for these vehicles at this point in time is not that high. This signals that there are high chances of a significant rise in the demand for EVs in the global market over the next couple of years as […]

gasoline vs electric bike

Gasoline vs Electric Bike: What happens to Gasoline if all go Electric?

Electric Vehicles are revolutionizing the transportation landscape and we all are ready to accept the change. It is time we understand how big the difference is going to be for the future of gasoline vs electric bikes. Is the change going to be slow or fast is something we need to wait and see. While […]

weather tips for electric bike

7 Extreme (Cold & Hot) Weather Tips for your Electric Bike

Electric Vehicles have become quite popular in the past few years and have the potential to replace conventional gasoline and diesel-run vehicles in the coming years. Though the Electric vehicles have got great admiration for lowering the carbon emission, they have received equal criticism over their battery life, efficiency and performance in cold weather conditions. […]

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