Traveler’s Tip – Convince Your Parents to Let you Travel & Explore

Going on adventures, discovering yourself and where you belong’ is probably like a motto for all the youth who want to just backpack and explore the world outside.

Without any restrictions, living their lives to the fullest, going on road trips, sitting around a campfire with their pals, singing and dancing with their loved one, spending the nights in tents on a trek, exploring cities and introducing themselves to new folk – Sounds like lots of fun right? But, when you have to cancel all those travel plans running over and over in your head because of your strict-parent problems, that’s the worst scenario.

So here are 5 most useful and really easy tricks to convince your parents to let you travel!

#1 The proper timing

Plane at the airport
Don’t let your plans get cancelled

As humans, we all have different moods and our parents go through a lot of mood swings. So we should aim for a perfect time – ideally when they are jovial and happy. All kids know how their parents react to situations. Some parents agree instantly when they are around people.

But we suggest you do not tell them then because they might turn against your expectations. No matter how long it takes, wait for the right time. Parents normally freak out a bit when their little one talks about going out on their own to an unknown place, so handle the situation with utmost care.

Most importantly, try to understand their point of view. Convince them in their way and they’ll agree.

#2 Try to gain their trust

A man on a bicycle with his kid
Gaining their trust is important

Basically, your freedom depends on the bonding with your parents. So you need to stay on the safe road and establish trust. Don’t indulge yourself in stuff which gets you into trouble because once your parents lose their trust, then you’re grounded for a really long time.

To build trust you have to spend more time with them, chill and have fun with them. Let them know you better and better. Share your interests with them, then slowly tell them how you love traveling and exploring places. In this way, their trust will improve and they’ll allow you to travel solo. Bingo!

#3 Knowing your friends

Hang out with friends
Your friends play a major role too!

Your parents should know your friends very well in advance before you unlock your secret plans on touring with your friends. Create a bond between your peer and family.

Invite them over to your place, hang out at your house with your parents around and avoid the use of slang words because your parents will notice your friends’ behavior and hold a judgment about them.

Try to impress your parents – if your parents are happy and think you hold a place in a good group, they will let you travel with your pals and it’ll improve the trust within your parents.

#4 Tell them your plans and the benefits of the trip

A travel journal
Tell them everything!

After telling your parents about your idea to go on a trip, discuss your plans about how you’re going to reach the destination and what safety measures you’re going to take. For example, always carry pepper spray. Let them know where you’re staying and whom you’re going with.

In case you’re traveling solo, hand them a schedule with all information they might require. Talk about the benefits of the trip you’re headed on. Even if there are no such particular benefits, just convince them of the things you’re going to explore there.

We’re definite that each place will have its tourist sites and some historical data which you can use as facts of benefits. Make sure your points are effective enough to make them agree.

Lastly, well, actually the most important point is:

#5 Act independent and mature

Travel solo
Know more, be more

Before you tell your parents about your travel plans, make sure they think you’re independent and can take tough decisions. Don’t act irresponsibly around them.

At least, a week or two before you tell them, try to improve your image in their view if you hold a ‘dependent’ or ‘irresponsible’ tagline.

Hope these 5 tips and tricks help you convince your parents to let you travel. We’re sure at least one will come in handy. So get ready with your backpack!


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