5 Best Places for Easter Celebration 2018 in India

Living in a multi-religious country, we are fortunate to witness a multitude of festivals over a span of 365 days. And, it’s more than obvious that we celebrate everything!

From Diwali to Eid and from Christmas to Dussehra, we don’t shy away when it comes to getting in the festive mood. Among all the chaos, there’s one festival where chocolates are prepared in a humongous quantity and for long, it has been enticing us to eat more of it! Easter, the day when egg-hunting excites people of all ages and makes us feel like we’re running out chocolate for good. Things like these bring us all together and enjoy life as we should!

Here are a few places where you can head to this weekend to celebrate Easter:


Fishing nets in Kochi

Kochi has so many churches that it’ll leave you in a pickle, trying to decide where to go! Easter is celebrated with a big pomp throughout the city. The Syro-Malabar Church, St. Mary’s Basilica, St. Francis Assisi Cathedral and St. George’s Cathedral have absolutely beautiful decorations and masses for everyone from everywhere. If you are going to travel to Kochi, we suggest you stay over at Fort Kochi’s Maritime by thehostelcrowd because it’s a great place to live for a short duration, and the prizes are really competitive! Apart from the housing, you don’t have to worry about food because you’re going to fall in love with the Easter feast after the church mass. Just pick one are and go feast hopping! It’s not just Kochi but also Thrissur, Ernakulam and surrounding districts that have a great mass. Besides this, you can also book your tickets for Easter Buffets that are held at various hotels like Genesis or Crowne Plaza.


Credits: Domino

The ever so welcoming city that never sleeps is already getting pumped for the festivities! And, it’s an oblivious fact that Mumbai caters to everyone’s interests. From Heritage Walks to D.I.Y Easter Egg Workshops, be prepared for absolutely anything under the sun! You can take part in the Easter Special Heritage Walk and D.I.Y workshops at Bandra. You can also go visit the Avatar Art Gallery at Juhu Tara Road if you are into art exhibitions and similar things. Apart from the what-to-do dilemma, there’s always Easter brunches happening around every corner in Mumbai that you can get into! The Bombay Baking Company, The Peshwa Pavilion, Theobroma and Four Seasons are a few of the places that will be selling some lip-smacking food! They’re so good, we don’t mind flying from another city just for this.

Aizawl, Mizoram

Solomon's Temple
Credits: Kohhran Thianghlim

One of the best places to be during Easter in the whole of India would definitely be Aizawl in Mizoram. The tribute is played by their very own, The Salvation Army on Easter Vigil and it’s absolutely breathtaking. The synchronous celebration is something that brings almost all of the North Eastern states of our country together. The Catholic Church members begin the Easter mass from late Saturday evening until early Sunday morning. Being a part of this mass is something that we should all look forward to!


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Now, now, there’s no doubt that Goa has an abundance of churches. When it comes to Easter, people start preparing for a long time, sometimes even before Lent begins! That’s how important Easter is. All you have to do is just get to Goa on Friday to witness all the streets going wild! It’s a pure carnival down there! The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, situated in Panaji, is the single most, highly visited churches in the entire state, especially during Easter. So, get here before the mass begins and be ready to witness something beyond this world! And, don’t even get us to talk about the food served during the big Easter feast – we’re already drooling!


Places like Soldierpet and Gyanapuram in Vizag are always decked up with Easter decoration well in advance. People from the neighbouring states make it a point to visit this beautiful city along the coast and to witness the Easter Vigil. There’s no such thing as bad dancing in Vizag – you just go ahead and join the crowd jiving to some good ol’ jazz music! People here so welcoming that you’ll feel like they’re family! If you


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