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Is e-bike supposed to run long range distances without pedaling?

Of all the Electric Vehicles on roads, e-bikes are gaining popularity among people who prefer environment-friendly vehicles that also allow them to commute without getting stuck in the traffic.

E-bikes have lately caught the pulse of both youngsters and the middle-aged people in most cities in India. Today we get to see a lot of people opting e-bikes over cabs to reach their college or office to escape traffic while also saving some money.

While the demand for e-bikes is increasing at a significant pace, there are also concerns regarding the electric bike range to traverse longer distances with greater ease.

The new generation of fast electric bikes is enabling bikers to ride longer distances without much effort. These electric bikes, in simple terms, are bicycles with a battery-powered assist that comes through pedaling or a throttle.

In most electric bikes, using the pedal assist can reduce the effort that cyclists need to put to ride longer distances. Pedaling a pedal-assist electric bike boosts the motor and helps increase the speed of the cycle.

So the harder one pedals, the faster they can ride. The general range of an electric bike is around 32-120 km depending on the terrain and power modes. Whether you pedal or just use the throttle without pedaling also contributes to your electric bike range.

With relaxed pedaling, an electric bike can go up to  35-80 km on a single charge and this range can be extended with more pedaling, know more about range and speed of Electric Bike.

The battery performance has been the major factor influencing the demand for Electric Vehicles in general. The electric bike range is also impacted by the capacity of the battery that is used.

Lately, there has been a lot of research being done on increasing the capacity and performance of batteries that are used in electric vehicles.

The latest electric bikes come with high-performance batteries that can give you a range of up to 300 km on a single charge. Advancements like these can reduce the need for a cyclist to pedal even to travel long distances.

Whether your electric bike range can be longer or shorter without the need to pedal essentially depends on the type of electric bike you have and the performance of its battery.


Pedal Assist or The Pedelec

A common variant of Electric Bikes, the Pedal Assist or Pedelec comes with a motor and allows the rider to pedal the bike normally, which increases the power transmitted to the rear wheel giving it higher speeds.

Pedaling this e-bike takes lesser efforts than it usually would, even in high gears. Climbing over steep hills or attaining higher speeds is a cake-walk with a pedelec.



Bearing similarities to a scooter or a motorcycle, the throttle operated e-bike can get moving without the rider pedaling it. The speed of the e-bike can vary depending on how far the throttle is pushed.

This variant of an e-bike can give longer ranges without pedaling and gives the rider an effortless riding experience.


Speed Pedelec

Designed just like the standard pedelec, a speed pedelec can allow higher speeds up to 45kph whereas a pedelec can allow up to 25 to 30kph. A speed pedelec’s motor supports the rider to attain speeds up to 20kph without the need for pedaling.


Most of the modern electric bikes use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries composed of multiple battery cells stacked in a larger case.

A light-weight battery that can provide longer range would be ideal for an e-bike as the weight of the battery makes the e-bike heavier. Lately, manufacturers have been focusing on developing lighter yet more powerful batteries for e-bikes.

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