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5 Reasons why Electric Vehicles are Fast – ONN Bikes

Electric bikes are the latest sensation among electric vehicles. E-bikes are getting more and more popular; the quickly rising demand for e-bikes are proof of that.

However, fans of the conventional gas-powered vehicles have not bought the idea of e-bikes being better, one of their major arguments being electric bikes can never achieve the speed of gas-powered bikes. Nothing could be farther from the truth today.

There is also a debate going on among Automobile Manufacturers, Oil Industries and Government about the future of both Gasoline & Electric Vehicles.


Here are 5 reasons why e-bikes’ top speed can match that of petrol and diesel-powered bikes.

1. The same Speed with smaller Sizes

Gas-powered bikes require the engine to be spinning at higher RPMs to achieve a high speed.

On the other hand, since e-bikes are powered with electric motors, they are capable of achieving a high speed with an assembly which is lighter than the petrol or diesel engine.

In other words, a smaller e-bike can reach speeds that are comparable to the top speeds of average-sized gas-powered bikes. With an increase in size, the top speeds of the e-bikes go up.

Latest models of superbikes offer faster acceleration as well as attractive top speeds.

2. Instant Torque

In simple terms, torque refers to the pulling capacity of a vehicle. A high level of torque, coupled with a great amount of power, results in a high speed.

Petrol and diesel-powered engines require a significant amount of time to reach maximum torque. In order to reach high speeds, the engine is required to be spinning at higher RPMs which results in greater fuel consumption.

For an e-bike, torque translates to the turning power of its motor. Electric motors can reach their maximum power and torque levels instantly from 0 RPM.

This makes the acceleration much faster in case of e-bikes. Electric motors are also capable of maintaining consistent torque and power throughout the RPM range.

3. Faster Acceleration

The giant multinationals that manufacture superbikes such as Harley Davidson and Yamaha have entered the electric motorcycles segment recently. They have introduced new breeds of electric superbikes.

These superbikes are equipped with higher levels of power and torque. Many of these bikes can hit the 100 mph mark and provide a mileage of 100 miles with a single charge. Recently Polarity Electric Bikes has been spotted testing on the streets of Pune, the company claims a top speed of 100 km/h from its hub-type brushless DC motor.

With electric superbikes, fast acceleration and high speed are achievable without the hassle of shifting gears while riding as most of the battery-powered bikes do not have transmissions.

In addition to the higher speeds, the electric bikes eliminate the vibrations of a loudly rumbling engine.

4. Additions and Alterations

Many e-bikes provide top speeds that are more than sufficient for use within city limits.

However, one can always improve the speed of an e-bike by altering the power and torque levels of the vehicle. Assembling a motor with higher power level can significantly increase the top speed of the e-bike.

E-bikes support a number of customizations through which the overall load on the vehicles can be reduced. This allows the users to make necessary alterations to their e-bikes depending on the speed they desire.

5. More Aerodynamic designs

E-bikes use relatively lighter mechanical configurations in contrast to gas-powered bikes.

The design and assembly of gas-powered bikes cannot be altered greatly because of the heavy engine and fuel tanks.

E-bikes, on the other hand, are greatly customizable. This means that the machinery of an e-bike can be aligned in different ways to make it more aerodynamic i.e reduce the air drag at high speeds.

A good deal of research is ongoing in order to achieve a viable design that facilitates the e-bike speed to break through the 100 mph (160kph) mark. If these designs are implemented e-bikes may enter the race bikes segment too, thereby attracting a huge market.


The Automobile Industry is a market where new concepts have been traditionally criticized. Hence, acceptance is hard to gain with a game-changer such as fast electric bikes. Nevertheless, automobile producers are relentlessly striving to make e-bikes more popular with consistent R&D.

The claim that electric bikes cannot reach high speeds is now redundant, thanks to the newer models of e-bikes. With more research in the same direction, e-bikes may soon overtake gas-powered vehicles and become the vehicle of the future.

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