Most Famous Bikes in India – Specs, Price & Features

Making travel simpler, easier and all the more convenient, motorcycles have made their place in the heart of every human being, let’s check out the most famous bikes in India that rule our Roads.

Motorcycles are extremely helpful in our day to day life and hence they are being used by almost every household or individuals.

Bikes are used in the field of sports, are extremely exciting yet safe mode of transport, enabling the rider to reach the destination very quickly and they are also employed in adventurous trips, recreation, niche and fun activities, for long distance and weekend tripping, travel and many more activities.

The usefulness and the beauty of biking have made them greatly appreciated in the market.

Travelling on a bike is an extremely enjoyable experience altogether and also very unconventional in many aspects because one is not enclosed in a space and is in close contact with nature and one can drink the cup of the beauty of nature to the fullest.

Which is best bike in India?

There are many leading producers and manufacturers of bikes that offer these two-wheelers at reasonable prices and much improved and unique specifications and benefits. But according to the data of Units Sold/Month, Honda CB Shine will hold the 1st Position by selling 99,812 units and Hero Passion Pro will be on 2nd Position by selling 96,389 units.

Everyone looks for the best deals in anything they want to buy. Same goes with buying a bike or choosing a bike.

So here are some of the most famous bikes in India that have served the best in all times and/or available in affordable prices with super improved features and stylish appearance to add to the personality of the rider.

1. Hero Honda Passion Pro i3s – Famous Bikes of India

The Hero Honda Passion Pro i3s has served to be one of the most known bikes in India because of its added features.

The Hero Honda Passion Pro I3 comes at a very affordable price of ₹48,950 and provides a mileage of 84 km per litre with a maximum speed of 87 km per hour.

The power consumption is also very less at about 8.20 BHP. It has a carburettor fuel delivery system which makes it very efficient with delivering great services.

It has a wet multi-plate clutch to provide smooth driving with a number of spark plugs and it runs on petrol.

It has an extremely nice air cooled type of cooling system which prevents the heating of the engine and comes with DC digital CDI type of ignition and analogue speedometer.

famous bikes in india-Hero Honda Passion Pro i3s
Image Credits: yourchennai.com

2. TVS Apache – Best Bike in India above 150cc

TVS Apache RTR 160 has a price of  ₹ 76,714. It gives in mileage of 50 km per litre with a maximum speed of 118 km per hour.

It consumes 15 bhp of power and is also equipped with a carburettor fuel delivery system.

It has a wet multi-plate clutch and manual gearbox with extension air-cooled cooling system. It has got additional features of the front suspension, telescopic fork and rear suspension which is more effective with inverted gas filled shock absorber.

The motorcycle is available in many colours among which blue, black and red are of an immense craze in the market.

famous bikes in india-TVS Apache
Image Credits: TVS Apache

3. Yamaha YZF-R15

Yamaha YZF-R15 V3 has a price of ₹1,25,000. It has a fuel injection type fuel delivery system with multiple disc clutch, liquid cooled type of cooling system and transistor controlled ignition.

Its front suspension has telescopic forks and rear suspension is swing arm. It is made available in racing blue and thunder grey colours. Yamaha is the youngsters’ first choice.

famous bikes in india-Yamaha YZF-R15
Image Credits: Yamaha India


4. Bajaj Pulsar

Bajaj Pulsar 220 2018 offers a showroom price of ₹93,186. With an improved mileage of 40 km per litre, 20.93 PS power consumption and carburettor fuel delivery system, it is in the likelihood of the bike purchasers and solicitors in the everyday market.

It provides digital twin spark ignition. Fuel capacity of the bike is 15 litres with 165 mm ground clearance.

The front suspension is telescopic with anti-friction brush and the rear suspension is 5-way adjustable Nitrox shock absorber.

Due to its improved features, it is one of the most famous bikes in India.

famous bikes in india-Bajaj Pulsar
Image Credits: Zigwheels

5. Royal Enfield Classic 350

With an ex-showroom price of ₹1,39,039 and 37 km per litre mileage, Royal Enfield Classic suits the choice of many buyers.

Apart from these features it has a carburettor fuel delivery system and is equipped with a multi-plate clutch and a manual gearbox with an air-cooled cooling system and transistorised coil ignition.

The front and rear suspension have telescopic forks and twin gas charged shock absorbers respectively.

This also has an unlocked type of speedometer and is available in Redditch red, chestnut Lagoon, Redditch blue, silver and black colours.

famous bikes in india-Royal Enfield Classic 350
Image Credits: Royal Enfield

6. Honda CB Shine

It has a very cost effective and affordable showroom price of ₹57,804 it gives a mileage of 65 km per litre and 10 BHP power consumption with carburettor fuel delivery system and wet multi-plate clutch manual gearbox.

It has diesel CDI ignition with front and rear suspension being spring loaded hydraulic type. It has an analogue type of speedometer.

The bike is available in athletic blue, methyl brown metallic grey, white, rebel red and black colours. It is the pocket-friendly companion of youngsters and hence find amazing craze in the market.

famous bikes in india-Honda CB Shine
Image Credits: NDTV Auto

This is a list of some of the bikes which are the most famous in India. The different bikes are now available with rear disc brake and drum brake equipment and other impressive and upcoming features.

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