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Famous Celebrity Motorcycles – Which Bike they Own & Ride?

“A car moves your body but a bike moves your soul”

Most of the young generation loves to travel in order to explore nature, wildlife, mountains, and to an extent all over the country with their beast of a bike. Travelling has got a different kind of excitement and happiness linked to it. Not only the youth, but most of the famous celebrities love traveling with their bikes. And, why not?

#1 M.S. Dhoni

One such avid motorcyclist is MS Dhoni who is known for his immense love towards bikes. According to some reports he has a collection of 30 motorcycles which includes classics, superbikes and some exotic ones too. Recently in his garage, there is the addition of one exotic bike known as Kawasaki Ninja H2. His love for his bikes is beyond that of a garage. Despite he is busy with his cricket schedule he is always seen with his bikes.

#2 Kalki Koechlin

Kalki Koechlin, along with her biker father Joel Koechlin, rides the Royal Enfield and has explored the terrains of North East India. They started their journey from Assam to Arunachal Pradesh almost covering 4000 kilometers and this was an adventure show known as “Kalki’s Great Escape” in Fox Life channel in May 2016. This show was not only for the travel enthusiasts but also for foodies, adventure junkies, and photographers. This show tries to depict the strong bond of Kalki with her father as they sing classic 70 music, bonding with new friends and also playing football. Moreover, the main theme of this travel episode was to break the stereotypes associated with celebrity travel and also stresses the fact that vacations always need not be in a comfortable zone or in luxury.

#3 John Abraham

John Abraham is not only a Bollywood Actor but also an avid car and bike enthusiasts. He has a collection of extensive vehicles like Yamaha YZF-R1, Yamaha VMax, a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Maruti Gypsy. He is keen on extending his passion for motorcycles and he wishes to make a movie on Isle of Man Senior Tourist Trophy Race. It is a motorcycle race by his favorite racers John McGuinness and Michael Dunlop. Not only this is the Brand Ambassador of Yamaha VMax and also an owner of this bike.

#4 Bob Dylan

How many of you knew that Bob Dylan was a bike enthusiast? Well, this noble laureate was a multi-talented person. We all knew that he was an American singer-songwriter, lecturer, painter, author and influential person in the world of music and culture. Bob Dylan used to tour in his Triumph Tiger during the 1960s. But he met with an accident in 1965 and at that time, he was at the age of 23. He completely shunned the idea of traveling by his motorcycle for 8 years as he was badly injured. But once upon a time, he had a passion for motorcycles and he used to go on his tours by bikes.

#5 Gul Panag

The former beauty queen is not only up to her acting and beauty skills but she also has bike enthusiasts. The former Miss India completed her beauty pageant in the year 1999 and has done many movies like Dor, dhoop and many more. This actor turned politician is effortlessly riding her bike in her movie “Turning 30”. She married her longtime friend Rishi Katari and guess what? Her baraat also arrived on bikes. Moreover now she is an active politician and she does all the campaigns by riding her bike.

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