21 Most Delicious Food Trucks in India You Must Try

“Our soul resides where there is Food”

These 21 most delicious food trucks in India are giving us serious tummy growls!

Isn’t it relishing seeing a truck loaded with delicious and mouth-watering food when you are totally tired and exhausted after traveling for a long time? We bring to you some spicy flavored cuisines served these food trucks in India.

Here are 21 most delicious food trucks in India you must try:

1. Super Sucker, Gurgaon

Posted by SuperSucker FoodTruck on 26 फेब्रुवारी 2016

Karan Malik’s passion for cooking brings out a new concept of food trucks which services American cuisine, Italian and various kinds of food. His idea is to serve all the International dishes with the flavors and the spices of India. Now, they also cater for various private as well as corporate events. This food truck can be found in Sarita Vihar, near Jasola Metro Station and Wellington Estate 2, Dlf Phase in Gurgaon.

2.  S.W.A.T, Bangalore

Catch us today at Rmz Infinity!! For lunch from 1pm onwards!!

Posted by The SWAT Food Truck on 14 नोव्हेंबर 2017

This American Fast food truck serves everything from amazing burgers to shakes in East Bengaluru, mainly in HSR and Domlur. This food truck was started by few students who did their hotel management from Christ University, Bengaluru. S.W.A.T stands serving American fast food with a twist as it serves meaty, sloppy and cheesy Joe Burgers and deep fried Oreos which are a must try.

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3. Mumbai Rolling Kitchen, Mumbai

Posted by Mumbai Rolling Kitchen on 22 डिसेंबर 2016

One of the famous food trucks of Mumbai where they are trying to sell some really exotic Hyderabadi kebabs, grilled sandwiches and giving some desi tadka to omelettes, chicken along with mint rice. It was started by 28-year-old Sagar Waghule in Airoli and then extended to Thane, Belapur Road, and Navi Mumbai.

4. TGIF, Kolkata

Evening with #Thank God Its Fresh…

Posted by Thank God It's Fresh on 11 डिसेंबर 2015

It was started by a U.S. return Kolkattan person in order to bring American dream in Kolkata. This truck is situated in front of Rowing Club’s Main gate (Behela).  The menu is quite good for morning breakfast as it serves fresh grilled sandwiches, ground coffee, watermelon juices and in the evening they serve momo’s, pasta, Maggie, tandoori chicken and everything delicious. The name means ‘Thank God’ in French which actually stands by its name and the prices are very cheap.

5. Chaska, Chennai

Chennai gets its first-ever food truck about a year ago and it was started by a team of four members. Three members do the cooking while Rikki manages customers and it is situated in Thiruvanmiyur Beach. Now the people of Tamil Nadu can enjoy Tibetan food served by this truck. The items include, Tibetan momos, schezwan double egg noodles, kothe and lemon chicken and all items are served between 4PM to 10PM every day.

6. The Lalit Food Truck Company, Jaipur

Posted by The Lalit Food Truck Company on 17 ऑक्टोबर 2017

It is one of the oldest food truck in Jaipur situated at Jagatpura road near Jawahar Circle. It serves everything starting from burgers, pizzas, tacos, fries to beverages, which are all made following the safety and guidelines.

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7. Desi Firangii, Chandigarh

Desi Firangii Food Truck - Food Trucks in India
Credits: The Tree House Farm Chandigarh

Desi Firangii operates near the Lalit IT Park at Chandigarh and it was started by two friends who went to Cyprus to study hotel management. The food truck serves a number of lip-smacking items starting from different kinds of dosas, Maggie and Frankie. This truck also conducts various events like birthday parties as they take their truck and serve where the party is going.

8. Hungry Hands, Kolkata

Posted by Hungry Hands The Food Truck on 8 एप्रिल 2016

This is one of Kolkata’s oldest and the first ever food trucks which is an example of complete hard work as only one person drives the truck, cooks and serves the food to customers. They serve Manchurian noodles, chicken fried rice, prawn chips, baby corn and chicken mains. It is situated in the Lake mall in front of Lake Market.

9. Oh Buoy, Noida

In the city of Noida, this food truck serves the best breakfast starting from Lebanese to Mexican. It’s true that they serve mouth watery chicken wings and burgers. If you are a die-hard non-vegetarian, then you must surely pay a visit to this food truck situated near DLF Place and Amity in Noida.

10. Eat n’ Run, Mumbai

Posted by Eat n' Run on 5 डिसेंबर 2014

This is a food truck which is named after the place where it operates in Mumbai. It is situated in Empire Complex in Lower Parel with lush green lawns.You can find everything starting from momos, sandwiches, milkshakes and delicious desserts. This truck is very lively in terms of its color and all the food items are pocket-friendly.

11. Parathawalas and Grills, Hyderabad

Parathawallas and Grills - food trucks in India
Credits: What’s up life

Being one of the best food trucks in Hyderabad, Parathawalas and Grills serve Punjabi cuisine including chicken Tangri kebabs, parathas, Mughlai rolls, sandwiches and what not! If you are craving for some delicious food to satisfy your tummy but are on a tight budget, then this place is your ultimate solution. This truck operates near Film Nagar Temple Road and is surrounded by customers who are patiently waiting for their turn to buy the relishing food.

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12. Road Kill, Bengaluru

Well Well Well !!! The Wait Is Finally Over !! The Most Awaited Food Truck Serving Up Lip Smacking Authentic Anglo…

Posted by ROAD KILL on 15 डिसेंबर 2015

This food truck is located in BD complex near Koramangala, Bengaluru. Probably when you are in extreme budget and want to have some lip-smacking delicious fries, sandwiches and veggie subs, nothing can be better than this food truck where the average cost for two is just 300 bucks.

13. Go Waffles, Bangalore

Delighted to be serving at IBM Family Day for the second year in a row at St. John's Auditorium, Koramangala 😊

Posted by Go Waffles Food Truck on 24 नोव्हेंबर 2017

If you are in the garden city of India and are in a mood of having some sweet dishes, then Go Waffles is the best option in Bengaluru. This truck serves golden crispy waffles, Nutella, and cream. It is a perfect option for those who have sweet tooth and are located in Hennur.

14. Sushi House Mafia, Gurgaon

@creamandcrackle・・・Rainy season calls for delicious and fresh food! My cravings took me for a food truck trail at…

Posted by Sushi House Mafia on 12 जुलै 2016

Are you a Sushi lover? Then this is a perfect food truck as it serves the best sushi around Gurgaon and is the only one sushi food truck in the city. The aroma is lip-smacking and too relishing. The cost is 750 for two starting from tuna to prawn sushi.

15. EGGjactly, Gurgaon

American food has become quite common in our daily lives but one of the most important ingredients is egg and the name is also after this component. This food truck serves in Gurgaon near Sector 29, however, items are lip-smackingly juicy with the flavor of egg.

16. Auto Express, Hyderabad

Auto Express Food Truck - Food Trucks in India
Credits: Auto Express

If you love to eat saucy-juicy hot-dogs and this food truck in Madhavpur, which is in turn in Hyderabad, serves best of hot dogs. Basically, it serves during lunch and dinner time, plus the rates are quite reasonable.

17. Square Ruth, Bangalore

Square Ruth Food Truck - Food Trucks in India

If you are fond of fries then this is the best place to come and have fried chicken nuggets, chicken wings, steak, fish fries etc. This food truck is located in Bengaluru near HSR layout and Outer Ring Road. They serve breakfast mainly sandwiches and fries which are the ultimate delicacies of the truck.

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18.  Spitfire BBQ Truck, Bangalore

Spitfire BBQ Truck - Food Trucks in India
Credits: Spitfire BBQ Truck

Are you a pork lover?  Then Spitfire serves you the best pork ribs along with hotdogs and fries. It is probably one of the best food trucks which serve low priced pork dishes. It operates in Indiranagar, Sankarnagar, and Frazer Town of Bengaluru.

19. Red Wok Chinese, Surat

Red Wok Food truck
Credits: Harsh Patel

The name of the truck suggests that Chinese food will be served in this truck. Their menu includes Burmese soups, manchow noodles, rice, sizzling Chinese chicken and many more Chinese delicacies. This truck operates at Vesu Main road in Surat. The rates are quite low and affordable

20. Fried N Fabulous Food Truck, Bangalore

Fried and Fabulous Food Truck
Credits: Zomato

At this food truck which operated in Koramangala, Bengaluru, best-fried items are being served. Must try items are the Cheesy burger and falafel burgers of this food truck. Cost for two is just 250 bucks. Mostly you can find this truck standing right before the Wipro office and serves till late night.

21. Ravi Gobi Chinese Centre Food Truck, Bangalore

food trucks in indiaSome special kind of Chinese food to make you happy after a tiring day at work and the name suggests that the main ingredient of the food truck is gobi or cauliflower along with sizzling fiery manchow noodles or Manchurian chicken. Every single item will contain this vegetable which is special about this truck and is situated in Banashankari, Bengaluru.

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