Hyderabad Points of Interest-Don’t Leave Hyderabad w/o doing these!

Handpicked Hyderabad Points of Interest for you. It’s a sin to leave Hyderabad without completing these five rituals like a good tourist. 

There’s an old saying which goes like “You only get good biryani in Hyderabad. There’s a reason it’s called Hyderabadi biryani.” And, oh boy! Is it true or what! I’m sure you wanna find out!

So, just dive into what people are actually doing and what’s trending in Social Media for Hyderabad Points of Interest.

1. Charminar

Like it isn’t on anyone’s list who’s visiting Hyderabad, Charminar is still India’s most highly visited monuments that welcome tourists from all over the globe. If you leave the city without seeing this architectural beauty, there’s something wrong with your itinerary!

The bustling streets around Charminar are always lit up and full of energy – you could get trampled down quite easily. The entrance to Charminar closes at 6 pm so you really have to plan before setting out on your very own Hyderabad exploration!

You can find numerous kinds of perfumes and scents, mostly ‘athar’ which fills the street with a divine aroma that you won’t feel like leaving!

Charminar in Hyderabad
Credits: Hariom

2. Golconda Fort

A loose-translation of Golconda would be ‘round shaped hill’ which geographically adheres to its title. History bows down to Golconda as the famous Koh-i-Noor diamond was once stored in a vault inside this fort, sharing its space with the famous ‘Hope Diamonds’.

Now if this doesn’t entice you to visit the fort, we need to put our thinking caps on again! With a 10 km stretch outer wall around 4 distinct forts, Golconda covers an area of 11 km in total which holds a colossal amount of history within itself.

This fort has even been referenced in international poems and novels in a bright light!

Golconda Fort
Credits: Bernard Gagnon

3. Driven Cafe (Gachibowli)

This themed cafe in Hyderabad is one of the very first of its kind dedicated towards the essence of biking! Themed cafes come a long way and paying tribute to bikes deserves its own spot. Visit this cafe to not only indulge in gorgeous food but also the extravagant interiors.

Driven Cafe boasts of its rustic showpieces and a full-fledged dysfunctional bike displayed at the center of this hip chilling place that you can’t ignore!

Driven Cafe
Credits: Zomato

4. Chowmahalla Palace

Now, this palace might not sound like it should be on the tour guide’s map but trust us – this is easily one of the most beautiful palaces there could be in India.

With marble floors lined beautifully throughout the entire palace, an elaborate prayer hall, a library and a gorgeous garden behind the palace will surely leave you in awe.

Be sure to explore every corner of this palace as every corner holds a little bit of history engraved on its walls. Also, just outside the palace, there’s a shopping street where you can score some really great decorative replicas of the things inside this palace!

Chowmahalla Palace
Credits: Prashanth Dara

5. Hyderabad Biryani

If this ritual was not on this list, we would never forgive ourselves. The name of the city is glued to ‘Biryani’ for a reason. Any Guess………..? So that it cannot be emulated in any other city! So simple, right?

The method of cooking is quite rare as they use a different technique called the ‘dum’. Which involves a lot of complicated cooking styles that we cannot explain in three or four lines.

But what we can tell you is that you need to gorge on a steaming plate of spicy biryani at either Bawarchi or Tabla Restaurants to truly feel the Hyderabadi experience. If you can’t handle the spice, don’t forget to tell your server to take you into consideration!

Hyderabadi Biryani
Credits: Dheeraj K
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