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Mileage is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to riding a motorcycle. The goal is to be able to get as much possible out of the machine on a single full tank. So lets see how to improve bike mileage.

Fuel efficiency is absolutely crucial in order for one to be able to save a good amount of money on a monthly basis. The more miles a bike can deliver on a given amount of fuel, the more efficient is the machine and the greater mileage it is able to deliver.

There are certain ways and mechanisms by which a bike is able to burn fuel while it is running. There are points when it burns more fuel and similarly, points when it burns a lot less.

This allows the knowledgeable bike rider to know how to efficiently ride her/his bike to be able to retrieve the maximum out of the motorcycle in terms of mileage.

In other words, there are a whole bunch of tricks which you can put to use instantly in order to increase the mileage which your bike would generally allow you to get on a daily basis. With more mileage, there will be a lot less of refuelling the tank.

This will allow you to save a whole bunch of money by the end of the month. Therefore, putting these tricks to use will directly put some money back into your wallet instead of getting sunk into a petrol pump. Sounds like magic, right?

Read on to find out about how this could be done:

1. Ride Smooth – Tips to Improve Bike Mileage

improve bike mileage ride smooth

When a bike is running in a very gentle fashion, the mileage will automatically increase. If the bike’s pace is maintained in a smooth and calm manner without too many quick changes to it, the result is a dramatic increase in the level of mileage which could be achieved from a single fuelling of the tank in comparison to the conventional ways of riding the bike.

The weather & geographical condition also plays a vital role in mileage, in monsoon it is difficult to maintain the Bike but these 5 Maintenance Tips will change the game in Monsoon.

In case you go ahead and accelerate the bike in an extremely quick and paced manner, it will result in the machine sucking up a lot more fuel than usual thus taking your mileage levels to a lot lower than what you could generally retrieve out of it.

The other drawback affecting the mileage is, when the acceleration levels are extremely high, upon braking hard to get the bike stop as quickly as possible, it drains out a lot more fuel than it usually would.

Try not to brake hard and quick as it drains your bike with massive amounts of fuel. Instead, try to gradually decrease the speed of your motorcycle and coax it into stopping by applying the brakes as minimally as possible.

While accelerating your bike, try to lift the speed in a very calm and gradual manner. Sudden halts will result in guzzling down a lot more fuel than normal and will eventually hurt your pockets. Maintaining a good average speed will help to improve bike mileage.

Try not to take up the speed too quick and too soon, or even lower it the same way. Maintaining an average speed helps a lot when it comes to achieving top mileage rates from your motorcycle.  

2. Switch Off the Engine whenever Possible – Tips to Improve Bike Mileage

improve bike mileage kill switch vishal

That’s right! This is one of the classic mistakes which a lot of bikers make every now and then. Switching off the engine is absolutely key when your bike is at a halt.

Perhaps you are stuck at a traffic signal and the green signal would come back on after more than a minute.

Save that fuel! Turn off the engine when your bike is at the stand still and let it rest. If you keep it switched on and still remain at standstill, the bike will not stop guzzling fuel.

If you are thinking that how much fuel is saved in more than a minute, then do the math. Add up all the fuel you save throughout the month every single day for that amount of time at a traffic signal.

It will come down to a pretty substantial figure. This is just one traffic signal throughout the whole day. There is a good chance that you will face a lot more than just one red signal through the scheme of the average day.

Just with a simple switch of the key, you saved up a lot of money for yourself as well as a whole lot of fuel in the tank. Efficient usage of fuel is absolutely key when it comes to saving fuel and gaining extra mileage on your motorcycle.

However, if your bike is going to be at a standstill position for less than a minute, there is no need for you to shut off the engine.

This is because turning it back on will guzzle down a lot more oil than what will be spared if you leave the machine running for under a minute at a standstill position.  

There you have it! These are the two simple tips which you can follow on a daily basis to improve bike mileage. Getting extra miles out of your motorcycle is not that great a challenge if you follow them religiously.

As long as you know how to ride it right, your bike will surely save you some good amount of money when treated well.

Follow them for a bit of time and see for yourself how saving money on fuel could be achieved with such ease. By keeping these pointers in mind you can save a lot when you rent a bike for your daily commute or a monthly rental.

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