Most Trending & Incredible Places to Visit near Jaipur – Travelers Guide

A Traveler’s Guide to Incredible Places to Visit near Jaipur. It holds so much energy inside it that you’re bound to absorb some before leaving the city!

It’s not just this city but the places around it that are overflowing with history, culture, and architecture. So head outside the city a few days before leaving the state so you can explore more than what you think there is to see.

These are the Famous Points of Interest & Incredible Places to Visit near Jaipur:

1. Mount Abu

Mount Abu
Credits: Andreas Kleemann

If there’s a heaven on earth, it’s got to be Mount Abu in Rajasthan. Chances of you getting trapped by the natural beauty of Mount Abu is insanely high! Though this scenic place is a 7-hour ride from Jaipur, we promise it’ll be super rewarding once you get there, especially on a bike.

Owing to the fact that it’s a hill station in the middle of a desert, people flock here from every corner of the globe. This place even has its own Wildlife Sanctuary! It’s completely outrageous, we know! There are several temples on the mountain that are entirely carved out of single rocks.

The Achalgarh Fort overlooking the Nakki Lake is a highly visited tourist spot in the town so head there first. If you can reach the sunset point in time, we suggest you do! It’ll take you back to 80’s Hindi movies!

2. Jaisalmer

Credits: Honzasoukup

In the heart of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is not just your another average city. It’s India’s Golden City for ages to come! From posh palaces to rustic forts, Jaisalmer literally translates to ‘Hill Fort of Jaisal’.

The Jaisalmer Fort atop the Meru Hill is probably the most visited location in Jaisalmer so if you haven’t gone there yet, what are you waiting for? The Gadsisar Lake in this town is just beyond spectacular and hosts an immensely beautiful evening every day!

Ganga Sagar is also in close competition with Gadsisar so you can head to both the lakes and be your own judge. Before you visit these lakes, be sure to check out the Desert National Park which houses numerous species birds like eagles, falcons, and vultures so bird-watchers, be on guard!

3. Sambhar Lake

Sambhar Lake
Credits: Abhishek Cty

Sambhar Lake is India’s largest salt lake that’s formed of the Ganga River and truly embodies natural miracles in a can-we-say-small catchment area! This lake is surrounded by the famous Aravalli Hills on either side which gives it a unique look altogether.

Due to the production of salt from this lake, camping and photographing can only be allowed if you pay a nominal fee at the entrance. But the view from the lake is unmatchable so a small fee is completely worth it!

Archaeologists have found terracotta figures that are now displayed at the Albert Hall Museum which you can later visit and be amazed by.

4. Abhaneri Step Well

Chanda Baori
Credits: Doron

Chand Baori is one of India’s most celebrated wells there ever is! Located in Abhaneri, this historic step well was built for storing water for domestic purposes. There are close to 3500 narrow steps in this one place and extends up to 100 ft below the ground!

Can you imagine it was built in 900 BC? There was so much architecture back then; it’s amazing how they could bring so much into reality with minimal resources. Did you know this location was used in The Dark Knight? You have to use this fact as an excuse to visit Chand Baori no matter what! The Lazarus Pit was in India all this time!

5. Galtaji Monkey Temple

Jaipur: Galta
Credits: China Crisis

Situated 10 km away from Jaipur is a quaint little town called Khania-Balaji which is downright beautiful! It’s outrageous how beautiful it is – no kidding. There are countless ‘tanks’ in the area which are filled by the natural spring situated at the top of the hill.

Now, how cool is that? This conjunction of nature and spirituality is a must visit for anyone who’s near Jaipur. This temple is actually built on a pass in Aravalli Hills and hosts a number of monkeys that live in the temples more than anybody else! These monkeys have also been featured in National Geographic Channel too. Get out there ASAP!

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