25 Inspirational Best Travel Books to get Curious Case of Travel Bugs

Inspirational Best Travel Books: Calling all those who are looking to be bitten by a travel bug! We curated a list of top 25 books that uplift the pure happiness one gains while traveling.

Read these books and we promise that our little travel bug will find its way to you! and if it is still not compelling enough for you then Meet these Instagram Traveling Couples who live their Life to its Fullest.

1. The Geography of Bliss – Eric Weiner

The Geography of Bliss book cover
Credits: alittleadrift

The only annoying thing about this book is that ended. The Geography of Bliss covers the story of a ‘search for a story’ and in turn becomes the story within itself. It still amuses us that these kinds of stories are the best kinds of stories!

The title gives us a little hint too – One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World. It surely gave us all the travel goals and we know you’ll get those goosebumps too! Warning: You might become a tad bit of a philosophical grump at the end of this book.

2. The Sun Also Rises – Ernest Hemingway

The Sun Also Rises
Credits: burntx

There’s nothing that Ernest Hemingway can’t write about. The Sun Also Rises is a story of two made-for-each-other characters set in Paris. Yes, any story set in Paris has a little probability of you getting bit by the travel bug – we understand!

This novel revolves around Paris, the Basque region of France and Spain, and Madrid so brace yourself for the ride of your life! Though this novel talks a lot about war, it’s Hemingway’s biggest, baddest and most brutally honest stories.

3. The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy – Douglas Adams

Douglas Adams' book
Credits: Goodreads

It might sound like this book is for kids but, trust us. We are going to force you to read it no matter what! Douglas Adams has beautifully written a manual-type of a book for anyone who’s going to get stuck in the galaxy – crazy, right?

There’s also a movie adapted from this book which goes by the same title and stars Martin Freeman from the Sherlock fame! But first, read the book. It’s got too many amazing lines that’ll make you picture the entire galaxy and prevent you from keeping the book down before bedtime!

4. My Life in France – Julia Child

Julia Child's book
Credits: Goodreads

Julia Child is a gift from God – we have to accept this fact and move on to our much monotonous life in not-in-France. Her cookbook has generated ripples throughout the history of humankind and not reading her memoir would be a little sinister, don’t you think?

Her life was a buttery mess! But just the pure aroma of that burning butter makes us want to be Julia Child every day. My Life in France is a magnificent insight into the celebratory life of Julia Child and her husband, Paul Child who are both insanely artistic in their own ways.

If you need any sort of inspiration – being new to a city or upholding your opinions against everyone else’s biased views, get hold of this book!

5. The Atlas of Beauty- Mihaela Noroc

The Atlas of Beauty
Credits: Amazon

This book is not specifically a book and a boon to those who do not like reading voraciously! It’s a photographic coffee-table book that consists of portraits from all over the globe. And, more importantly, these portraits are all of women.

The reason why this particular photo-book made to this list is because of these beautiful, mind-boggling portraits that speak a thousand words about the place they’re from. You’ll come across women dressed in traditional clothes of Turkey and all the way down to India.

It’s completely unfathomable to think how the photographer, a lady herself, managed to complete this project! This definitely ignites a spark in our travel bones, and so should yours!

6. Travelling with Pomegranates – Sue Monk Kidd

Travelling with Pomegranates
Credits: Amazon

When it comes to traveling, we’ve all come across this unifying factor that brings all of us close to each other. The thing about this factor is that it cannot be felt or understood while we’re traveling – it’s always at the end of the trip when we realize what it truly meant.

Travelling with Pomegranates is one such book that talks of this marvelous bond between a mother and her daughter as they set out on a journey across the universe, only to find each other in their purest form. This book made us call our mums and we know it’ll make you call yours too!

7. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist
Credits: Amazon

If there was ever a book list about any kind of book in the world then The Alchemist has got to be on it! Here is our little win-win situation because this book is all about travel. Paulo Coelho has put together an insanely well-structured novel for people of all ages to read and get inspired.

Set in the countryside, the story follows the journey of a young shepherd who’s thirst for unveiling worldly secrets is unmatchable. He’ll take you on a journey that would seem metaphorically similar to yours and you would not, for a split second, think of keeping the book down.

8. Loving with a Chance of Drowning – Torre DeRoche

Loving with a chance of drowning
Credits: Amazon

Torre DeRoche has shaken the way travel books are written, and Loving with a Chance of Drowning is an accurate depiction of how people feel when they set out on a journey they’ve always wanted to take but their fear becomes a barrier.

This story is a beautiful memoir of a person who leaves behind everything to discover new things in life. She strongly withholds ‘what-if’ and does everything she can to explore the freedom of life! Read this book if you have little fears about traveling but have always wanted to jump over this obstacle and couldn’t.

9. On The Road – Jack Kerouac

On the Road
Credits: Goodreads

A story about self-discovery and truckloads of experience? Bring out the extra cups of chai and a blanket! On The Road, as so subtly the title suggests, follows the journey of Sal and Dean who roam around North America on a quest to find themselves.

This is a classic example of a book that screams ‘freedom is ours, we are going to take it’ and has left us all in awe. Throw away all your bookmarks (okay not the special edition ones) and start reading this book now!

10. World Walk – Steven Newman

Credits: Calendar Club Blog

World Walk is a novel that should be on everyone’s weekend reading list! The story follows the journey of a freelance journalist, Steven Newman himself, as he travels from Ohio to the rest of the world.

At some point in our lives, we would have all thought about getting sponsored to travel and write about places we’ve never been to – this story breaks all barriers built on ‘I got paid to travel’ and takes us all on a harsh, stormy path that’ll make you feel all pumped up to do something similar!

11. The Turk who Loved Apples – Matt Gross

The Turk Who Loved Apples
Credits: Goodreads

Matt Gross has a way of writing that cannot be easily recreated. He has beautifully structured the novel against all odds and written about the unconventional things you’ll encounter while traveling to a different country. This story reeks of travel like no other book and you have to get your hands on it right now!

When you read about a place through someone else’s words, you’d be carried away to the same place if you have great imagery. But when you personify this experience, it becomes something else. The Turk who Loved Apples does just that.

12. How Not To Travel The World – Lauren Juliff

How not to to travel the world
Credits: Goodreads

The title made us a little curious! Now, you shouldn’t judge a book by its title but we couldn’t help ourselves. This book will take you through places in a strange, realistic and unacceptable manner that you’d actually feel like visiting these places to find out if things happen the way they do in the book or not!

Yes, bring on the reader OCD, fam! What would you do if your little ‘quest to find oneself’ turned upside down and you wished for a better day every day? Lauren Juliff will take on a crazy journey altogether! Gear up!

13. Vagabonding – Rolf Potts

Credits: Amazon

Experiencing ‘time off work’ in the most satisfying manner possible is what Vagabonding is all about! Rolf Potts is a legendary veteran shoestring traveler who’s willing to show how to travel with just a tad bit of resources and a strong, undying spirit of a curious seeker.

How to plan where to go, how much you should be spending in a place, how to earn while traveling and how to return to your mundane life after all the vaga-stuff is done and dusted – is exactly what this mind-boggling book comprises of!

14. Seven Ages of Paris – Alistair Horne

Seven ages of paris
Credits: Amazon

Not another book set in Paris? Get out! Who doesn’t like the idea of sitting by the Sienne and eating sweet little crepe? We are massive fans! But behold, this book is not about crepes or about how Paris endured history’s biggest game changers of all time!

It’s an incredibly marvelous portrait of Paris and gives the reader a brief sensation of the Paris Syndrome for sure. It shows how Paris became Paris and how history’s most famous people made an impact in this city. Go give it a read if you want to know Paris’ dirty secrets!

15. Into Thin Air – John Krakauer

Into thin air
Credits: Amazon

Into Thin Air sounds like Into The Wild but we promise you this is not a sequel or anywhere close to what Christopher McCandless had to go through.

But this is a story of true events, the things that John Krakauer went through! So brace yourself some real good this time. It’ll teach you how to be patient during all your misadventures and things to expect if you’re about to trek up the Everest

16. Unlikely Destinations: The LP Story – Tony & Maureen Wheeler

Unlikely Destinations
Credits: Amazon

Written by the founders of Lonely Planet, Tony and Maureen Wheeler are the gods of travel guides. If you’re unaware of Lonely Planet, you can’t sit with us!

This book is unique in such a way that its an autobiography and a travel book at the same time, also telling the story of Lonely Planet. You wouldn’t believe half the things listed down in this book that the LP team went through over thirty years but all of it true. Now who doesn’t want to know how LP became LP?

17. The Good Girl’s Guide To Getting Lost – Rachel Friedman

The good girl's guide to getting lost
Credits: Amazon

The Good Girl’s Guide To Getting Lost is the ultimate book to read if you’re afraid to make decisions in life. When the good girl breaks her walls to travel across the globe and discovers her passion for traveling and discovering new places.

This book will make you realize that we all keep waiting for a little push to bring us to the right path, completely forgetting that we can do it ourselves too! This book will take you through Australia and South America with beautiful imagery and a life motto to stay true to.

18. Wild – Cheryl Strayed

Credits: Amazon

For people who’ve lost faith in everything, grab hold of this book and forget the rest. When you set out on a trip across a long distance, you will not only begin to realize the true gift of life that is but also understand that everything happens for a reason.

Cheryl Strayed almost thought she was left with nothing to lose until she went on a trip across the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mojave Desert to Oregon and to Washington State to find something that she already had.

19. Grand Adventures – Alastair Humphreys

Grand Adventures
Credits: Harper Collins

This book by Alastair Humphreys clearly defines the small difference between an adventure and a grand adventure! The story revolves around realistic things that can get in your way during your adventure – be it money or time. How do you return to your normal life after getting back from a massive achievement?

Learn how to do so by reading this book! It will push you hard enough and will keep you on your toes till you reach the last page of the book. It will make you close that front door of your house and leave on a spontaneous trip!

20. Paris Was Ours – Penelope Rowlands

Paris was ours
Credits: Goodreads

It is heartbreaking to stop writing about Paris so here you are – another book recommendation that’s set in the world’s most artistic city! This book has 32 small yet highly personal essays that are seeing the world for the very first time.

Each of these essays portray this city is a different light, talking about how Paris engulfed them piece by piece. It’s a highly enchanting book of real lives that will most certainly leave you with infinite amounts of curiosity and love for a place. Grab this book if you obsess over Paris like e do!

21. Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure by Sarah MacDonald

Holy Cow
Credits: Goodreads

“Holy Cow” – that’ll be your exact same reaction when you read this book! When Sarah MacDonald set out on her trip all across India, she din’t know what to expect. Well, it’s always fun to read a story that tells how a person got acclimatized to a new place! It’s the most hilarious, rib-tickling read that’ll ever find you.

22. The Beach – Alex Garland

The Beach
Credits: Goodreads

This book is as philosophical it can get! Following the story of a man called Richard who lands in East Asia in search of utopia. He finds an untouched stretch of beach – every man’s dream! It then follows a series of events that will unfold bit by bit, a part of which solely becomes his responsibility.

Read this book if you’ve always wanted to know how to feels to find a beach that nobody has set foot on and how to save it if were to be you who has to be the hero!

23. Atlas Obscura – Foer, Thuras & Morton

Atlas Obscura
Credits: Goodreads

As the title more clearly suggests, Atlas Obscura is the atlas for things that are not seen by the naked eye! But in reality, these places do exist and you can go find it too. Here’s a complete list of places like the incredible glowworm caves in New Zealand or the world’s biggest baobab tree in South Africa that you need to know about.

With immaculate detailing to each place, you will find yourself in the middle of this book try to understand how you hadn’t put these on your bucket list!

24. The Island at the Center of the World – Russell Shorto

The island at the center of the world
Credits: Amazon

Russel Shorto’s description of each event is insanely interwoven. His book, The Island at the Center of the World is a great book to read when you’re feeling a bit low. It is a great book for people who want to read about history but are not good with books!

The characters are all vivid and carefully laid out throughout the book. This book will make you want to explore New York in the earlier times so don’t blame us if you do!

25. The Lost Girls – Baggett, Corbett & Pressner

The lost girls
Credits: Amateur Traveler

Are you suffering from a quarter-life crisis and have no idea how to get over it?  We give you this gift to read. The story follows three people who work really hard to make it big in New York City but don’t want to do it anymore. The Lost Girls is a new age story that you need to read even if you’re not suffering from a quarter-life crisis because it’s going to keep you on your toes for a while!

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