‘Live Life to its Fullest’ is True for these Instagram Traveling Couples

Travelling – It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta, which is true for these Instagram Traveling Couples.

That’s exactly what happened with these couples who turned into storytellers by traveling the world together, giving every couple some serious couple goals this Valentine’s Day.

Unlike most of the couples who decide to settle down in life with a corporate job and a steady income, these couples chose the road less traveled to go on their travel expedition.

It’s so true that you learn more about your partner when the both of you go on a trip, and out of your comfort zone. And it is equally true that we humans tend to develop more compassion towards others as we travel often. Probably these couples developed the best bonding ever through traveling and exploring new places.

Here is the list (in no particular order) of top Instagram traveling couples traversing the world, whom you should be following:

1. Rishabh and Nirali of Gypsy Couple – Lovebirds, Explorers, and Awesomeness Personified!

There are some hotels which seem magical and some which are. @desertpalmdxb is one of the latter. The subtle elegance of the hotel is what makes it stand out and we're not even talking about the equestrian theme which can be seen in everything in this fabulous hotel. It screams of good design in every small thing we managed to lay our eyes on and we were impressed, no mean feat given that we've stayed in some of the best boutique luxury hotels and even former palaces. We can compare it to @mihir_garh , another fabulous equestrian themed boutique luxury hotel but it wouldn't be fair to either of them. All we can say is that our stay there was a fitting end to our magical Arabian nights adventure in the Middle East.

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Rishabh and Nirali had a typical arranged marriage and met each other for the first time in a family arranged-date. They’ve decided to discover themselves by discovering the world together.

Their forte, being top romance and luxury travel, took them to Europe, South East Asia, South Africa and China! Their bucket list includes the Machu Picchu Trail, the Amazon Rainforest, trekking up Mt. Kilimanjaro, an igloo stay in the North Pole, being a certified skydiver and explore Antarctica, to mention a few.

There are some people with whom every shared moment is memorable

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Check out their blog here and find out how they do what they do to become an Instagram Traveling Couples Influencer!

Here is how you can convince your parents to let you travel!

2. Savi and Vid of Bruised Passports – Wheres and Wears

Stumbling on hidden emerald lakes in Switzerland 💯❣️❣️

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Classmates back in school turned happily-married-couple, Savi and Vid have been traveling together for more than 12 years now. In 2015, they’ve turned into full-time travelers and started their travel and lifestyle blog named Bruised Passports only five years ago. They’ve been to more than 80 countries, 100 cities and still counting!

Here is how you can pack like a pro for your next trip – Hacks made simple!

They both come from a normal Indian family and therefore finance their travel by themselves, and have also written many articles on their blog about how to finance trips.

A story about happiness and beaming smiles today 💙💙 We get a lot of messages each day asking us how we’re perpetually happy. In fact that was the most asked question during our Instagram live recently. Thought we’d answer it today 😊😍 ✨ ✨ The truth is it’s neither a secret nor a magic pill. It’s a CONSCIOUS lifestyle choice that we’ve chosen to make over the past few years and YOU can too. Some call it The Law of Attraction but it is simply the realisation “you BECOME what you think” 😊🤗 ✨ ✨ Let’s start with the obvious. Despite what social media might portray, nobody’s life is perfect and there are lots of niggles, ranging from mundane to severe, that everyone has to face. But you can choose to tackle them one way or the other. Here’s what we say ✨ ✨ Try ridding yourself of ALL negative thoughts. Jealousies, grudges, toxic people, and negativity belong in the bin. This isn’t an overnight change but a gradual process. But you will be SO much more creative if you have a happy mind full of positive thoughts. Instead of spewing venom, being envious, or thinking negatively about others, concentrate on working hard to realise YOUR dreams (however hedonistic or crazy!) and spinning fantasies out of each episode of YOUR life. This is YOUR journey – prioritise happiness, prioritise contentment, and prioritise those people in your life who love you as much as you love them. ✨ ✨ Make a conscious decision to pursue this on getting up every single day. EMPOWER the people around you (be it friends, family, or co-workers) instead of bringing them down. And that is ALL you need for happiness and successes to come your way. Practice this for a month and it'll SHOW in your smile, we promise 😊🤗

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Savi is an academia with a Ph.D. in Visual Arts and Literature from the University of Leeds. Alex’s dialogue in A Clockwork Orange (one of Vid’s favorite films): “Oh bliss! Bliss and heaven! Oh, it was gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh. It was like a bird of rarest-spun heaven metal or like silvery wine flowing in a spaceship, gravity all nonsense now. As I slooshied, I knew such lovely pictures!” is exactly how Vid feels while traveling as he mentioned on their blog. Bruised Passports won the ‘Travel Blog of the Year 2017 at the coveted Outlook Traveler awards.

3. Swati and Sam of The Tales of a Traveler – Beautiful Adventures All The Time!

New Post is up on the blog 😊😊 #mayasanur #Bali #ttotxBali

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Swati and Sam are two Indian couple travelers who are now put up in Dublin, Ireland. Though both of them are software engineers by profession, they manage to take some time out from their busy schedules often, to explore new places. This couple is a true inspiration for all the busy couples out there because they’ve been featured on almost every blog about couple travelers and Best Indian Travel Bloggers.

Swati and Sam have together traveled close to 16 different countries which include Indonesia, Malaysia, Srilanka, Scotland, England to mention a few. They’ve covered almost 22 states in India which is awesome!

They also have a blog named after their Instagram Traveling Couples profile called as ‘The Tales of a Traveler’ in which they share about the best of luxury stay, offbeat locations, food finds, weekend getaways, restaurant reviews and most importantly travel tips on how to plan vacations travel for full-time job holders. If you are planning a vacation, you should first check out their blog. Also, do not forget to check their v-log which has such beautiful videos.

4. Mani and Darsh of MD out of Office

When dosejuice reached out to me to help support their #allformelons campaign in raising awareness and funds for Canadian Women's Foundation I couldn't be happier at the opportunity. What took me by surprise was that he asked what can I do to help? He wore this tshirt proudly on our date night and walked the streets of Toronto. He got a few stares few giggles and def many questions which he answered with a smile. ☺️ I know women empowerment and equality is a big deal but I'm thankful that I don't have to fight that battle at home. He is alot of great things and one of them is he treats me like his equal. If you can please help support dosejuice in their campaign. More details available at @dosejuice. Incase you're wondering the juices are yum 😋 #dosejuice #organic #coldpressedjuice #juicecleanse #coldpressed #greenjuice #healthyliving

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Mani was born in Dubai whereas Darsh in India. This couple who are known for travel and lifestyle blogging have met each other at McMaster University and soon fell in love, making Toronto, Canada their home place. Though they are recently married, they’ve been traveling together as a couple since ten solid years.

Both their Instagram profile and blog share the same name which is ‘MD Out of Office.’ MD here stands for Mani and Darsh. Their Instagram profile is filled with insanely colorful and inspiring images whereas their blog has insider information for international travelers.

If you are looking out for some crazy date ideas, do check out their travel blog and find the famous Instagram Traveling Couples!

5. Sangam and Shikha of Four Happy Feet – DuoYatra

Sangam and Shikha are Nepalis who made London their home, exploring the world together, one country at a time. They’ve been married for 2 years now but are head over heels in love with each other for 7 years.

This happy couple named their blog as DuoYatra which means a couple on a journey, and it’s quite interesting. They expertise in travel, food and reviewing stays. To this ‘Four Happy Feet,’ travel is all about visiting new places, making new friends, experiencing different cultures, traditions and food, and most importantly, capturing those moments. They save from their day jobs in order to make their travel dreams come true and you’ll come to know of this undying passion of theirs for travel in their blog!

Did their stories inspire you to go on a travel expedition with your companion this Valentine’s day? Tell us about your plans in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you! And, in case you are looking out for some bike rentals to go on a road trip with your loved one, check out our website for some exciting offers!

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