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5 Most Beautiful and Largest Waterfalls in India – Nomad Motorbikers

Handpicked Spectacular & Largest Waterfalls in India

The image of gallons of crystal clear water meandering through forests, and finally giving in to the force of gravity to fall gracefully onto the surface of the earth is one of the most spectacular sights one can ever witness. Hence, we compiled a list of largest waterfalls in India for your Next Trip.

Waterfalls are in-dubiously the prettiest wonders Mother Nature has to offer us.

India, the land of diversity, is not only home to a variety of cultures and traditions but also to various stunning natural physical features.

Here’s a list of 5 largest waterfalls in India that you should not miss!

1. Jog Falls, Karnataka

Jog falls Karnataka-largest waterfalls in india

Google Map Location: Bengaluru to Jog Falls

Distance in KM: 385 km

Best time to Visit: August (During Monsoon)

Total Height: 253 meters

The highest plunge waterfall in the state and second in the country, Jog Falls is set in the district of Shimoga, the gateway for the hilly region of Western Ghats.

It receives its input from the River Sharavathi and falls from a height of 253 meters which makes this beauty one of the Largest Waterfalls in India.

But the most significant part about this heavy tourist-attracter is not its height but the 472-meter width, which causes feast to the eyes.

The splendid view from Watkins platform and the aesthetic merger of the four paths Raja, Rani, Rocket, and Rover give rise to a breathtaking scene and make resisting the urge to click photographs quite impossible.

2. Dudhsagar Falls, Goa

dudhsagar water falls-largest waterfalls in india

Google Map Location: Bengaluru to Dudhsagar Falls

Distance in KM: 547 km

Best time to Visit: October to May (When Monsoon is over)

Total Height: 320 meters

Dudhsagar, which literally means ‘The Milk Ocean’, has been rightly named so.

With the gushing flow of water that resembles milk, this very elegant nature’s splendid form will not leave your mind’s eye once it gets registered in it.

This four-tiered waterfall that draws water from River Mandovi is about 310 meters high.

Surrounded by rich deciduous vegetation that houses diverse flora and fauna, it is best to be visited when the monsoon is in full swing.

3. Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya

nohkalikai falls-largest waterfalls in india

Google Map Location: Guwahati to Nohkalikai Falls

Distance in KM: 148 km

Best time to Visit: September to November

Total Height: 340 meters

Falling from a height of a prodigious 340 meters, this tourist destination is the highest of all waterfalls in the country.

It is located in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya, and a famous legend goes for its name.

There is a continuous flow of water here, unlike most others that remain active only in the monsoon season, thanks to the persistent, unpredictable rain in the region, which brings it the title of the world’s wettest place.

The water roars as it falls down and the entire panorama is worth visiting, not just because it is the highest plunge falls in India and fourth in the world, but also because the entire drive to the place is just worth it.

4. Athirappilly Falls (Athirapally), Kerala

Athirappilly waterfalls-largest waterfalls in india

Google Map Location: Bengaluru to Athirappilly Falls

Distance in KM: 486 km

Best time to Visit: September to January

Total Height: 25 meters

Fittingly known as ‘The Niagara of India’, the full grandeur of this most famous waterfall of Kerala is also seen during the monsoon season.

One of the most wonderful attractions of the god’s own country, the Athirappilly falls is just at a height of 25 meters.

But that in no way deters it from offering a captivating landscape.

It is fed by the River Chalakkudi and offers shelter to a huge number of species, including endangered ones like the Asiatic elephant, the lion-tailed macaque, and the leopard.

5. Elephant Falls, Meghalaya

Elephant Falls Meghalaya-largest waterfalls in india

Google Map Location: Shillong to Elephant Falls

Distance in KM: 12.5 km

Best time to Visit: October

The sophisticated drop from the heights above makes this falls a wonderful wallpaper material.

The scenic beauty of this famous tourist spot is one that makes you wish for more of the jaw-dropping beauty.

It gets its name from the elephant-like rock formation not very far away from it.

The vapory bounce of water as it strikes the ground against the dark background is something that takes you on a pleasant trip through nature’s arms.

So these are a few most scenic waterfalls in India where you can plan an excursion to.

Just blend into your surroundings, take a dip in the serenity of these natural wonders and take back with you the satisfaction of a rare privilege trip through the wondrous earthly delights!

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