Traveler Tips to Manage your Trip Expenses-Download Expense Tracker

Managing your money can be tough if you are going to travel for the very first time. It’s extremely crucial to plan and manage your trip expenses.

It is a great saying:

“You will either tell your money what to do,

Or lack of it will always manage you!”  

So it’s always better to manage your expenses a little less than your budget. Before going on a trip, make a list of all the expenses which are supposed to be there. By doing so you will get an idea of how your expenses are going to clash with your budget.


Now your trip starts with a ticket if you are not choosing a bike route or a car route!  “Book in advance” is the best option and a good start to look at your expenses. Everything is so advanced today that you may save half of your tickets expenses. Can you imagine going on a trip with just half ticket prices? It feels so good!

Be safe with your money!

When we go on a trip, we get so much indulged in the activities in the new place that we forget to pay attention towards certain things. Just like a coin has two faces, the society is also an amalgamation of both good and bad things. You will find good people and even worse. You should be very safe with your money because you don’t know who is good and honest, and who would cheat you. You need to very careful while taking help or services from strangers. Be strong and sound confident. Don’t let them get a hint that you are totally new to the place and are looking for help.


Haggling is sometimes fun but a necessary part of your trip if you are a shopaholic. It is very true that if you go to a place where tourism is a key business then you will get prices just double of their worth. So you should be smart and intelligent at that point of time and convince the shopkeeper to give you the item you selected at just half its price.


Don’t grab for food during your trip!

When you are traveling always remember that you should pack your snacks for the trip from home. Eating on en route is more of a wildcard than before. This is true in terms of both cost and quality. The prices are just double at airports and bus stands. So it’s better to take your own food while traveling. It will be good for your stomach as well as for your pocket!  

The slogging and saving stage of your gap year may be over, but this doesn’t mean you can relax. You should be very conscious related to your money because you don’t want to come back with empty pockets.

Some people can keep records of everything that they spend and if you are good in doing so you are going to be very smart related to your expenses. Write up everything at the end of the day because it will remind you that how much you have spent and how much more you can spend!

Here are some of the applications that you can download for free:

#1 Dollarbird

Credits: Playstore

#2 Fudget

Credits: Appstore

#3 Goodbudget

Credits: Appstore

#4 Mvelopes

Credits: Appstore

#5 Credit Karma

Credits: Appstore


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