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Map The World is a community formed by ONN Bikes focused on promoting the spirit of traveling among aspiring Travelers and Bikers and guess what, we have come up with our Latest Travel Talk – Map the World Episode 2.

It recently opened its doors to people who are just beginning to explore new places and are looking for a guide to channel their raw travel instincts in such a way that they can begin their own journey all by themselves. The underlying idea about this initiative is to bring together a group of like-minded people and joining forces by sharing creative ideas to inspire everybody else to travel more.

Akashdeep Singhla warming up the audience

We believe that interaction is the key to grow on a more holistic level, which is why we host monthly meets to meet new people and learn things about traveling that we wouldn’t find on the internet. If not a bike ride to somewhere adventurous, we gather experienced travelers, adventure enthusiasts and trekkers who share what they learned overtime during their travels.

                                                                                                          Deepti Jacob, Founder of Riderez of the Night

This small gathering not only inspires people to get out of their comfort zone but also experience new things that they wouldn’t have known about earlier. Our ultimate aim is to reach out to amateur travelers and mentally train them for what an adventure actually looks like.

Most people are unaware of the adversities that can come along one’s way and that’s why our monthly meetups and interactive sessions hold a great deal of importance in the community that we’re building. We hope to enlighten more people about the bliss one gets while traveling and biking, and are completely against any sort of biased opinions. We welcome people from all kinds of age groups and backgrounds – that’s what true mentoring is.

                                                                                                                        Sauban Ahmad, Avid Motorcyclist

After we successfully hosted the first event at Moto Store and Cafe, Ulsoor, we decided to go all out with the second episode under the roof of Driven Cafe, Residency Road. The day began with an enthusiastic audience warm-up session by our very own CMO, Akashdeep Singhal who gave everyone a gist of what to expect from our speakers of the day.

When the stage was opened to Deepti Jacob, our first speaker for the day, the excitement failed to drop even by a little notch. Being the founder of Riderez of the Night, she was one of the first few people who amassed an all-woman motorcycle riding group towards Leh and Ladakh! Her stories about how she overcame struggles while simultaneously leading the others is something that left us in pure admiration for the rest of her talk.

                                                                                                                            Goutham T, Traveling Artist

Following the poetic tour around Leh and its beautiful hairpin bends, Sauban Ahmad took over the podium and further extended our imagination to levels beyond retreat. It was through his stories did we realize that motorcycle road trips have their own strings of unexpected events that we should all be careful about.

                                                                                                                       Archana & Vidur, Travel My Nation

Right about when he showed everyone a glimpse into his rides along the mountains, we all knew what we’ve been craving for since forever! Following which Goutham T. opened our eyes to things we were ignorant towards – sustainable living. By inculcating an environmental issue within each of his sketches, he made us gulp saliva and embraced us for what could happen if we don’t take care of our home. He also showed us how we are all interdependent on this planet and how we need to observe what we are stepping on!

The audience with Sauban Ahmad

Vidur and Archana took over the absolutely mesmerized audience to a whole new level altogether. Listening to them gave all of us some serious couple goals! Although their lives may seem like a dream come true, we got to hear a few terrifying experiences of theirs. Despite all of the obstacles, they kept going forward and now they are stronger than ever! Their photographs suggest so too! After the session was complete, the audience got an opportunity to interact with the speakers and learn more things. By chance if you missed it, Check out our 1st Episode.


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