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Top 7 Motorbike Influencer Brands you should Follow in 2019

Let’s take a look at the best Motorbike reviewers and update providers

Questions are the best thing that comes up in your mind, but questions are the worst thing in a biker’s mind.

A biker’s mind is like a blow of wind in Laddakh crisp, clear, fresh and it should remain like that so he can enjoy his rides.

We here bring you the best problem solvers, the best answer givers and the best solution providers for all your queries related to motorbikes be it specification or the design, be it the ride quality or the details of the chassis and suspension these guys will take your question and provide all the solutions so that you can enjoy that gushing wind over your face in Ladakh without any worries.

Read on to find more. 


1. Car and Bike – Motorbike Influencer

motorbike influencer - car and bike
Credits: Car and Bike

Questions popping in your head all day long before buying a bike? Questions like “How this bike is better than others? “or “What gives this an extra edge?”.

The prescription for you is You can visit their YouTube channel or the web and you will get your answer.

The team has quality reviews about ride quality and the value proposition the bike brings in.

With more than 85,000 subscribers to its YouTube channel, Car and Bike is definitely a pit stop for all your queries regarding Two wheelers.

USP: Assessment of ride quality and comparison with same segment bikes.


2. AUTOCAR – Motorbike Influencer(Latest Updates on Bike Segment)

motorbike influencer - autocar
Credits: Autocar

Do not go by the name CAR it also gives you the perfect review of Motorcycles. It’s the hottest place to know what’s going in the automotive market.

Autocar is the place to get a relentless and passionate review of the latest Motorcycle launches.

With 867,000 and counting subscribers it’s also one of the top influencers in the motorbike world.

USP: Latest updates on the launches in the segment.


3. OVERDRIVE – Motorbike Influencer(An Unbiased Reviewer)

motorbike influencer - overdrive
Credits: Overdrive

When you want a complete package of action, drama, performance, and quality you know where to go? Yes, you guessed it right Overdrive.

One of the most trusted and most sought-after reviewers of motorbike segment. Overdrive is all about the passion and the charisma of biking.

Overdrive is about the desire and charisma of motorbiking. They review to the minute technical details and say you how the devil you are looking at is better than any other from the segment.

An unbiased reviewer which has a TV show on CNBC is one of the most important influencers in the motorbiking segment. So next time you are going to ride a bike just go and check its review on overdrive and you will know for sure how much you need to rev up the throttle.

More than 267,000 subscribers it certainly is becoming a brand in the industry.

USP: The USP of overdrive is overdrive itself. You will be amazed to see that they say exactly what you want to listen.


4. ZigWheels – Motorbike Influencer(Crisp Clear Understandable Reviews)

motorbike influencer - zigwheels
Credits: Zigwheels

The wheels take you anywhere you want, but what matters is how you make it through the road. The Zig wheels give you the best idea which horse will take you the best way.

Everyone reviews the motorbikes in quite a similar fashion but Zig Wheels have something unique. Zig Wheels tells you what’s good and what’s bad.

It tells you where you should keep your expectation from the motorbike.

With more than 187,000 subscribers to its YouTube channel and driven by the best automotive journalists Zig Wheel has become a household name for bikers to see the best reviews.

USP: You know what you can expect from the motorbike in a crisp clear understandable language without any biases.


5. MOTOROCTANE – Motorbike Influencer(A Competitive approach for the Review)
motorbike influencer - motoroctane
Credits: Motoroctane

With more than 600,000 subscribers the group of automotive enthusiasts tells you everything about the motorbike they review.

They not only tell you about the features, design and technical specification of a motorbike they also take you through a journey where you get to know how that particular motorcycle is different from its competitors.

Not only this you get to know all the possible solutions for your best buddy aka your bike which also include how to reduce your cost. Impressive isn’t it?

USP: Solutions are also provided to the problems faced by the bikers.


6. PowerDrift – Motorbike Influencer(Tech Savvy Reviewers)
motorbike influencer - powerdrift
Credits: Powerdrift

“Transform and revolutionize the way Indian Motoring is perceived” yeah that’s the core idea which is driving the most detailed review makers we have.

Power Drift is a platform which provides you a complete detailed review of every single thing in the motorbike be it the instrument cluster or the tail lamps, be it the design of the rear-view mirrors or the shape of headlamp power drift defines it all.

They put in all the technical expertise to the details in all their reviews. With more than 1 million subscribers all ears to their reviews they are definitely one of the biggest motorbike influencers of India.

USP: What you get from his reviews? You get the technical details of the bike.


7. Top Gear – Motorbike Influencer(Detailed Technical Reviews)
motorbike influencer - topgear
Credits: Topgear

Giving you all the tiny details top gear is one place solution to all your specification requirement queries and a decision-making helper.

The best part of Top Gear is that they have the experience and expertise that comes from more than 17 years of motor reviewing and a name that’s a history in itself “BBC”.

Top Gear India is the Indian arm of the prestigious firm which gives you all the information about the motorcycle you are looking for.

With more than 6,071,000 subscribers to its YouTube channel Top Gear is undoubtedly one of the most visited places on motorbiking world.

USP: You get experience and most detailed technical reviews

No wonder we can add more to the list as automobiles are the most happening industry in the world but this completes our list of major brands that are influencing riders in India and are acting as one-stop solution providers for all your motorbike related queries.

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