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Motorcycle Maintenance Tips for Monsoon Made Easy – ONN Bikes

Bike maintenance has been long known to the mankind as an added chore to our routine, so we made a list of Motorcycle Maintenance Tips to make this Easy for you. Well, maybe we don’t maintain it daily but we do take our time to make sure it’s done once in a while. Riding a bike during the monsoon season makes it tougher on the maintenance side but if proper care is taken, one can overcome the hurdles before it caused any damage.

So, do not worry about this monsoon as our Tips for taking care of your Motorbike especially in Rainy season will be suffice and you will be able to ride your bike with full confidence even in a bad raining weather.

It might be a little overwhelming but once you get the hang of it, nothing will stop you from riding in the rain and being the dramatic person that you hope to be!

So, here is the Motorcycle Maintenance Tips for Monsoon or Rainy Season:

Bike Maintenance during monsoon season

Coating & Tyre Pressure Tips:

Coat your bike with Teflon or something similar in constitution to prevent your precious bike from losing its shine and colour shade.

Till you find the best Teflon coaters in the city, park your vehicle in a shaded area so even if it rains, your bike is protected from rain. Trust us, your bike will look fantastic for a long time!

We all know the basic laws of physics – expansion due to heat and contraction. In the summer, your bike Tyre tends to expand a little and the reverse happens during the colder season.

So you have to remember to fill it Optimum during the Rainy Season.

Bike Maintenance during monsoon season

Anti-Rust & Brakes Tips:

More than Teflon, a coating of an anti-rust layer is something you should think about. Most of the bikes made in this era are made of fibre bodies which are the next big thing in innovation! Fiber prevents rusting very efficiently and used in all the bike body parts.

Apart from this, your bike needs protection because the main metal frame is highly prone to rusting with the high moisture content in the atmosphere. So get another layer done!

 You probably guessed this was coming. Having a good braking system is the most important thing in your bike. You do not want to mess with these words of wisdom! But the rainy season wouldn’t listen to us.

Riding on really wet roads is a nightmare and god forbid something should happen.

It’s difficult to control bikes during a heavy downpour and applying sudden breaks can be dangerous. During such seasons, clean your bike discs, the inside of your drum brakes and liners.

The bikes which have drum brakes need to be cleaned from the inside. The bikes which have discs need to be regularly checked for disc damages. Also, make sure the brake oil is sufficient.

Bike Maintenance during monsoon season

One Rupee Coin Tip for Worn out Tires:

If there’s anything worse than worn out tires, it’s riding in the rain with worn out tires. Promise yourself that you’ll never ride in the rains with one! The Tyre should have deep treads on all sides of it.

The easiest way to test the depth of the groves is to use a one rupee coin and insert it into the groove. It should be at least 2-3mm deep inside the grove. If it’s below that, change the Tyre!


Tyre Pressures & Drive Chain:

The amount of pressure you set for your bike Tyre sets everything in a flow! You should set it to a few PSI lesser than what you would set for a summer day.

Always remember to keep the pressure level at this optimum level and not to overfill it.

Always, always, always make sure the drive chain is oiled well. Also, wash it regularly because when you ride your bike in the rainy season, a lot of mud tends to get accumulated in the chain.

motorcycle maintenance tips

Air Filter Tips:

Due to the high amount of moisture in the atmosphere, the air filter might not be your best friend at the time. It might get stuffed up and it could lead your bike to stop randomly or even cause sudden jerks while riding. So, clean that air filter and get going!

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