6 Motorcycle Themed Cafes and Restaurants for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Human beings have always been fascinated with the idea of adventures from time unknown; hence for all the motorcycle enthusiasts and adventurers out there, we’ve got you the top motorcycle themed cafes and restaurants in India. 

In the medieval days, there were sports like jousting and even horse riding played by medieval knights! The adrenaline rush involved in these sports was a major booster to pursue them.

With time as human civilization developed, the kick of getting high with adrenaline rush also peaked.

If you are a biker, then you can easily relate to this! You will be baffled to know that some of the bike companies of today’s world were started in the 1st decade of the 1900s.

Initially started as a means to reduce the human effort needed to ride a bicycle, bikes are no more limited to make commute easy. Be it, Royal Enfield or Harley Davidson, they are not just bikes, they are emotional assets.

In fact, the founders of these early bike companies were bike enthusiasts themselves. In their early days, Harley Davidson and their nearest competitor Indian Motorcycle started an annual bike racing competition to make bike racing popular among the youth.

Take a peek at these creative motorcycle themed cafes and restaurants in India:

1. Moto Store and Café, Bangalore

There are cafés where you get good food and then there are those which have an excellent ambiance. Then there is Moto Store and Café which plays a host to both! You can try some lip-smacking dishes, and also get to meet and greet fellow bikers. Check this blog for popular biking clubs in Bangalore.

Not only this, they have a good collection of bikers’ gear available for sale. If you want to join the next bike trip with like-minded bikers, do visit this place!

Interiors of Moto Store and Café
Credits: Moto Store and Café, Moto Chronicles

Google Map Location: Moto Store and Café, Bangalore

2. Bike and Barrel, Chennai

Bike and Barrel is a motorbike themed pub in Chennai. The interiors are decorated with real motorbikes, bike posters, and a rustic ambiance.

If you are on a South India trip with your group, you should definitely visit this place for chilling out with your fellow bikers. The wooden barrels and the graffiti on the walls reflect the love for bikes and bikers. Read this blog on 5 Scenic Motorcycling Routes in South India You Ought To Take.

Interiors of Bike and Barrel Chennai
Credits: Bike & Barrel Chennai

Google Map Location: Bike and Barrel, Chennai

3. Legends Motorcycling Café and Museum, Bangalore

Did the idea of dining in a bike museum cross your mind? Yes, it may sound a little weird but your perception will change once you visit this café. A brilliant combination of a bike museum and café, Legends has a collection of vintage bikes and scooters of yesteryears.

If you are a bike enthusiast, then this place will blow your mind. Located at Frazer Town in Bangalore the ambiance of this cozy places shouts bikes, bikes, and bikes!

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Legends Motorcycling Café and Museum-Motorcycle Theme Cafe
Source: LiveMint

Google Map Location: Legends Motorcycling Café and Museum, Bangalore

4. Garage Inc., New Delhi

Have you ever seen in a Hollywood movie where a group of bikers is chugging beer in the roadside motels? Well, if you haven’t seen any then go ahead and watch some YouTube videos. Now that you are aware of bikers’ motels in the USA, Garage Inc. is a quintessential bikers’ café with props and décor like number plates, picture frames, and motorbike tires. Also a pub with dance floor, Garage knows best how to turn more people into bikers.

Garage Inc-Motorcycle Theme Cafe
Credits: Garage Inc

Google Map Location: Garage Inc., New Delhi

5. Ride Inn Café, Manali

Ride Inn Café is a popular name among bikers who are traveling to Manali. Located in the hills of Manali, this exotic café is a must halt place for bikers who are traveling via Manali.

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The view from the roof is exhilarating. If you more of a photo opportunist and a biker, you should definitely visit this place. They have a good collection of books in their library, musical instruments, and board games.

The interiors of Ride Inn Cafe in Manali
Credits: Ride Inn Cafe

Google Map Location: Ride Inn Café, Manali

6. The Bikers Café, Gurgaon

The main reason why, not only a biker but every single soul should visit ‘The Bikers Cafe’ is the fact that the menu is curated by travelers who found exquisite food from various places they traveled all around the globe, got back with those hand picked recipes and shared this love for travel and food with their customers.

Coming to interiors, they scream motorcycle and travel! Can you believe that it wasn’t designed by an interior designer but a true vagabond and biker? Even the cutlery is based on the bike theme.

Good news: If you can’t wait to travel all the way to Gurgaon, then visit The Bikers Cafe’s outlet in Kolkata, whichever is closer!

The Riders cafe-Motorcycle Theme Cafe
Credits: Chetan Sehdev

Gurgaon Google Map Location: The Bikers Café, Gurgaon

Kolkata Google Map Location: The Bikers Café, Kolkata

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