5 Last Minute One Day Trips Around Bangalore You Need To Take Now!

Are you a Bangalorean who needs a getaway from the daily routine of the corporate world or stressed out college life?

Well, we came up with a list of one day trips around Bangalore within 200 km which you can take with least planning.

All you need to figure out is a way to commute, for which, there are plenty of bike rentals and car rentals in Bangalore.

Keep reading as we reveal what these places are all about and where they are located!

Silicon Valley of India with its stressed-out population needs to loosen up and breathe in the absolute beauty it encompasses.

Bangalore Vidhana Soudha - tourist places to visit near bangalore
Source: Zricks.com

Karnataka being one of the most developed states in a democracy like India has lots to offer than just being called the state which hosts the Silicon Valley of the country.

Karnataka has a rich history which precedes its excellence in the IT market. Its rich history was at its best when Tipu Sultan chose to spend his free time in the state.

This goes to show that Karnataka has a lot more to offer than just what the population thinks it can.

Let’s start with the heart of the state, Bangalore is one of the best places to settle in India.

With its almost perfect climate and infrastructure, what else can anyone ask for?

5 One Day Trips Around Bangalore Within 200 km:

These are some of the best places which are at a day’s distance from Bangalore. How many have you been to?

1. Bangalore to Ramanagara – 50 km

Are you a trekking, cave exploration, rappelling or any other rocky adventure sports fanatic?

Ramanagaram - One Day Trip around Bangalore
Credits: sharathspot.blogspot.in

Then Ramanagara is the place for you for its just 50 km from Bangalore. For all the Sholay fans out there, this is Ramgarh.

If that doesn’t spike the adrenaline levels, wait till you reach Ramanagara.

The epic location is dotted by rocks and boulders which can challenge the thrills you have experienced up until then.

Take the Mysore road and you will reach Ramanagara in just 2 hours!

Google Map Directions: From Bangalore to Ramanagara

If you happen to visit Mysore or Bangalore, do not forget to visit these places for trekking!

2. Bangalore to Nandi Hills – 60 km

An article on the places near Bangalore can never be complete without including Nandi Hills.

Nandi Hills - One day trips from bangalore
Credits: tripadvisor.com

At just 60 km from Bangalore, the amazing drive on NH 7 does justice to what awaits. The amazing view at Nandi doesn’t do justice to the whole experience.

If a quick escape is needed Nandi is the spot, it offers a refreshing and placid break from the hurries of the city.

The best time to visit Nandi is before the sunrise. The sun creeping out of the horizon is a view not to miss, plus if you are lucky you can see some amazing natural spotlights when the sun shines through the clouds.

Google Map Directions: From Bangalore to Nandi Hills

Check out these filmy Hill Stations in South India if you are planning for a weekend getaway

3. Bangalore to Manchinbele – 43 km

Visiting a reservoir tells how fragile life can be. Designed by Sir M. Vishveshwaraya, the dam is bracketed by the magnificent Savandurga Hills.

Manchanabele - tourist places near bangalore
Credits: Flickr.com

Best known for the amazing sunsets, Manchinbele is also known for bird watching, fishing, kayaking, rappelling and raft building, guaranteeing to leave you breathless, in a good way of course!

Google Map Directions: From Bangalore to Manchinbele

4. Bangalore to Shivasamudram – 140 km

NH209 is a joy in itself, and now including the splendid waterfalls at Shivasamudram equals a wonderful experience.

Situated about 140 km from Bangalore, Shivanasamudra is a lovely camping spot, the drive and the camping make this an ideal place for all city dwellers.

shivanasamundra falls - places to visit near bangalore within 200 kms
Credits: OhmyIndia.com

The waterfalls formed by the two branches of River Cauvery adds beauty to the divinity and exquisiteness of the temples and the lush greenery which will surely make anyone fall in love with it.

Adventure lovers have an amazing trekking trail which is absolutely beautiful.

Shivanasamudra can feed your Instagram and Snapchat obsession too. Photographers, beware! You may not go back at all!

Google Map Directions: From Bangalore to Shivanasamudra

If you are in Instagram and love to click images then you need to visit these Popular Instagram Photography Spots in Bangalore!

5. Bangalore to Nrityagram – 35 km

Thrilled about dancing? Nrityagram or “Dance Village” is located 35 km from Bangalore.

An exclusive joy to those who are passionate about dancing. Nrityagram was set up by Protima Bedi, the famous Odissi dancer.

Nrityagram village complex - tourist places near bangalore
Credits: www.indianholiday.com

Dedicated to the nurturing dance forms and gurukuls, this place is frequented by dance enthusiasts and students from across the globe.

If art and culture is your calling, you will enjoy Nrityagram forever. But if not, Hessarghatta reservoir is just 5 km away.

Google Map Directions: From Bangalore to Nrityagram

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