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Explore the Best Picnic Spots near Kota on Bike

Discover Kota on Bike for the Best Picnic Spots near Kota

Kota is our Incredible country’s one of the most stunning locations to visit. From some of the most brilliant examples of architecture to the serene views and landscapes, Kota is sure to take you on an incredible journey.

Located by the incredible water body, the land of Kota has a tremendous amount of treasures to offer to her guests. One of the most astonishing lands, this town is certain to take you by surprise at every step of your way.

There are a whole bunch of spots within the city which need to be covered carefully and patiently.

Every nook and corner within the labyrinthine like streets of Kota are bound to leave you awestruck.

One of the best ways to explore this beautiful location is on a motorcycle. Ride around on your bike and take a look at this incredible city as it surrounds you from all around.

It could get a little bit overwhelming to cover the city especially if you are visiting the place for the first time ever.

We have prepared a brief guide for you to follow while exploring the incredible land of Kota:

1. The Chambal River – Most Popular Picnic Spots near Kota

picnic spots near kota-chambal river


One of the best ways to experience the sheer beauty of the incredible water body is to ride along by the river on your motorcycle.

Travel gently as you soak in the stunning view of the river flowing right next to you. The water body happens to be the only permanent river which flows in Rajasthan.

It is truly a wonderful sight to behold. People often go to the river in order to spot crocodiles and birds, which is an incredible sight in itself.

The motorbike will give you the flexibility and mobility necessary to be able to go wherever you please without facing a lot of hassle and fuss.

If you wish to get closer to the river, or simply halt and enjoy the excellent view, park the motorbike nearby and allow yourself to take time looking at the incredible view of the famous river.

2. The Jagmandir Palace

picnic spots near kota - Jag Mandir Palace
Credits: rajasthandirect.com


One of the most incredible sights to behold when in Kota is the majestic Jagmandir Palace.

Located in the middle of the Kishore Lake, the Palace was built in the year 1740. Initially meant for the Queens of Kota, this incredible visual marvel is surrounded by water from every side.

The view is truly majestic in its own and needs to be witnessed when in Kota.

One of the best ways to go ahead and do this is to ride past the incredible view on your motorbike as you soak in the incredible view of the Jagmandir Palace, one of the most astonishing architectural marvels which our country possesses.  

3. The Umed Bhawan Palace

picnic spots near kota - Umed Bhawan Palace
Credits: wikimedia.org


Yet another incredible ancient wonder is the gorgeous Umed Bhawan Palace.

This gargantuan structure is one of the finest work of art and craftsmanship which one needs to witness to have been done with a building of this colossal size.

A palatial structure in its own right, the Umed Bhawan Palace is an overwhelming sight to take in.

In order to fully comprehend the reality of the existence of this structure, some time needs to be given in order to experience the majestic sight of this work of art.  

4. The 7 Wonders
picnic spots near kota - seven wonders
Credits: Wikimedia.org


One of the most interesting structures located in Kota is the amazing park consisting of all the sever wonders of our planet.

Sounds like a perplexing concept at first. Each wonder has been miniaturised and placed in the park for people to come over and tour all the 7 in a single spot.

It is really a fun aspect of the kind of parks which Kota has created for itself and its residents.

The structures are well maintained and walking through it while looking at the different miniature versions of the wonders is truly an interesting experience.

While in Kota, grab your motorbike and head over to this park for witnessing one of the most fascinating parks there is in this country of ours.  

5. The Godavari Dham Temple
picnic spots near kota - godavari dham temple
Credits: Justdial.com


One of the most iconic centres of religion in Kota, the Godavari Dham Temple is an exceptional example of Hindu architecture and design.

Located along the verge of the Chambal River, the Godavari Dham Temple has been crafted out of white marble and consists of lofty towers on both ends.

It is truly a wonderful sight to behold. Get to the temple on your motorcycle. Explore the interiors on foot and watch the Hindu side of Kota unfold in front of your eyes.  

6. The City Palace
picnic spots near kota - city palace kots
Credits: sudhagee.com


One of the most incredible places to visit when in Kota is the City Palace.

From architecture to the stock of the museum, the city palace is an incredible place to explore while being able to understand the culture and heritage of this majestic land of Kota.

Make sure that you step inside and do take a look around this gorgeous structure.

There you have it! Kota is one of the most incredible cities there is to be explored.

When on a bike, it is even more fun. The motorbike will be able to give you the right amount of agility and flexibility to wander around freely without too much of a fuss.

Kota is a majestic place, and therefore, make sure that you take it all in while you are there along with your motorcycle.

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