Already Explored Hyderabad?Go Places Near Hyderabad within 200 KM

If you’ve already explored Hyderabad like a local, it’s time to head out and discover more places beyond the horizon, so we came up with the list of spectacular places near Hyderabad which are located within 200 Kms.

We’ve curated 5 Places Near Hyderabad which are not more than 200 kms far away from the Central Hyderabad and it makes sense to spend your valuable and precious Weekend Moment in these Beautiful Places of Hyderabad.

Places near Hyderabad within 200 KM – Your Perfect Weekend Getaways

Places like the Nagarjuna Sagar, Warangal and Nizamabad hold great historic importance. Also, these places are quite far from central Hyderabad so you get a great excuse to blow the dust off of your bike and go on a long bike ride.

1. Nagarjuna Sagar

Nagarjuna Sagar Dam
Credits: Wikipedia

Nagarjuna Sagar is around 153 km from Hyderabad and would take you around 3 hours via the Nagarjuna Sagar Road or you can even take the NH 65 and NH 565. One of the most beautiful dams in India, the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is known for more than just its architectural beauty!

Built across the Krishna River, it was constructed during the 50’s – how crazy is that? You can also visit the Ethipothala Falls which is really close to the dam. The number of people visiting this dam is off the charts during the monsoon season, September to October so you can plan accordingly!

There is also another place called Nagarjunakonda which is another fantastic place to visit if you’re in the vicinity of the dam. You can also go check out the wildlife sanctuary which overflows with countless birds that will definitely leave you in awe!

2. Warangal

Warangal Fort Ruins
Credits: Aditya Madhav

If you’re in Hyderabad and have a day to spare, head out to Warangal! It’s a serene, quiet place that will teleport you to another era.

This place is around 140 km far from Hyderabad so the entire trip will take you around 3 hours to complete but fret not it’s totally worth the ride.

Plus if you’re traveling on a two-wheeler, you’re in for an amazing experience. The scenery accompanying the trip is beyond beautiful! Being one of the princely towns, it has a number of fort ruins along the sidewalk that you can use a rustic backdrop to your photographic ventures!

The Warangal Fort should undoubtedly be your first stop – it’s a pure treat to the eyes. The ruins look so beautiful that you would think this was the entire structure!

There is also the Thousand Pillar Temple which plays a great competition to the fort. It’s a historic Hindu temple located in Warangal twin city so that’s a double win, right?

3. Nizamabad

Fort Entrance, Nizamabad
Credits: Rizwanmahai

The fort in Nizamabad has a dead-unique ventilation room that is still a mystery to architects today! Atop the Nizamabad fort, the Jagannath Temple beautifully decorates the fort to greater levels.

Nizamabad is located approximately 170 km from Hyderabad and should take you around 3 hours to reach the center of the city so pack some solid food and water to keep you energized throughout the trip.

The reason why this fort holds so much historic importance is because the temple, Jagannath was built by the great Chhatrapati Shivaji himself! The fort has a 53 ft high pillar – people say that it used to be lit every night acting as a lighthouse to surrounding villages.

After visiting this fort, head straight to the Nizamabad Museum to get another dose of history to get you all dizzy. This museum is open from 10 AM to 5 PM every day except Fridays and public holidays so make sure you check and go!

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4. Medak Fort

Medak Fort by Varsha Bhargavi Kondapalli
Credits: Varsha Bhargavi Kondapalli

About 100 km from central Hyderabad, Medak Fort can be reached easily if you ride along the NH44 for about 2 hours! This town is famous for being built on a hillock for being the perfect vantage point for rulers of that era, mainly the great Pratapa Rudra.

There is an immensely beautiful mosque built inside the fort that you can visit. The three main entrances make it easier to easy for anyone to enter the fort from any side. The ‘Simha Dwaram’ has two lions at the extreme top of the gate and the ‘Gaja Dwaram’ has two elephants at its entrance.

Imagining a bit of a theme here? And behold! The main entrance has the display of ‘Gandabherunda’ which is a mythological two-headed bird that is known to possess immense power! There is a huge cannon inside the fort which is about 3.2 meters long – now isn’t that something to go check out?

5. Nagunur Fort and Temple

Nagunur Fort
Credits: Telangana Tourism

Located in Karimnagar District, Nagunur Fort is around 160 km which will take your 2 hours to reach.The pillars surrounding the Shiva temple here are just outright beautiful!

There’s so much history embedded in the ruins of this fort that you’d nearly miss your school’s history textbook to remind you of the stories behind these ruins.

There’s a dam called Lower Manair Dam in close proximity to the fort where you can stop by after your encounter with the ruins of Indian history.

If you just want to relax somewhere after a day-long ride, you can head out to the Ujjwala Park in Karimnagar which is basically a theme park with statues and sculptures of famous personalities. The nearby Deer Park is the next park you can hit if you’re in the mood for some chilling!

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