Udaipur Tour Itinerary – Best Places to See in Udaipur in One Day

Udaipur is no less of a paradise and visiting every iconic place in the city, although seems like a monumental task, is achievable! With this itinerary, we are sure you will be able to visit all the places to see in Udaipur in one day.

About Udaipur

Udaipur, one of the beautiful city in the state of Rajasthan. Its known for its historical fights that happened in the city, it’s delightful sighting and the cultural places to see. This beautiful city has a lot to offer to the tourist who is visiting Udaipur. The essence of the city is so beautiful and indigenous that if you don’t visit this city while you are in Rajasthan than what are you even doing?

What’s the perfect time to visit Udaipur for a day?

The perfect timing cannot really be known but yeah if you visit during the month of September to March then you can get to enjoy a lot of things especially during the winter months i.e. November and December as some famous Fair and cultural programs take place which attracts tourists from around the world.

Udaipur City Palace
Source: Holidify

Fun Fact:

Udaipur is also called as “The City of Lakes” and known for its traditional Rajasthani food.

The city is built with various unique interconnected pipelines of water which helps in managing water and transporting them into farms and for the conservation of water.

If you are in Udaipur for a day, then don’t freak out because you can still visit some awesome places and here they are:

Top places to visit in Udaipur in a day

Visit the famous Shilpgram

Source: Nilesh

If you are into arts and handicraft then don’t miss this because this place is a true example of the traditional center. Here you can buy various handicrafts. An annual program is also organized in the month of November or December where people come from various countries to see the best art and craft and purchase their favorite pieces they get attracted too.

Pichola Lake

Pichola Lake
Author: Arnie Papp, Source: Flickr

This is the perfect spot for a romantic date because this lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the city and it contributes to the conservation of water and also creates availability of water in the city. You can also visit Monsoon palace and then see the beautiful city from the viewpoint.

City Palace

Known for its extraordinary architecture this palace will surely surprise you because of its beautiful compound and also the specialty of this palace is the presence of a mosaic of a peacock which has surely attracted people from around the globe.

Taste the authentic Rajasthani food

Rajasthani Thali
Author: Connie Ma, Source: Flickr

Udaipur is known for its availability of authentic Rajasthani food and you can get amazing mouth-watering Rajasthani food at cheap prices. You can eat mostly at places near Gulab Baug, but be ready to eat like a pig because the food has some amazing taste which will make you eat nonstop!

Haveli of Bagore

Dance show in Bagore Haveli
Source: Youtube

This is probably the most requested and has to be attended if you are on one day tour of Udaipur because the extraordinary Bhavai dance performance will surely refresh you and can increase your adrenaline instantly.

Though a one-day tour isn’t much you can definitely visit these places and enjoy your one-day tour. The best way to travel will be is traveling in groups by which you can even save money. Traveling in groups become affordable and if you extend your tour do take a boat ride in Pichola lake or visit Ambrai river banks to chill out at night and spend some beautiful time alone or with your special.

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