These Shopping Places in Pune are most Popular & Trending

Pune is well known for its old-fashioned form of dress sense, but since the luxury brands entered shopping times, the craze for the old-fashion sense passed away. Unlike Pune – they have everything! Places to shop in Pune is a long list, we tell you!

But still, there are people who love to dress in an old-fashion manner which makes Pune stand out apart from other places for shopping. Also, there is one thing that makes us Indians most fond of shopping on streets because of the huge discounts and thriving for bargaining, and these small things make Pune more famous for shopping.

Mahatma Gandhi Road (M.G. Road)

MG Road

You must have heard about M.G. Road in every major city, there is one in Pune too which is most famous for shopping and eatables. M.G. Road shopping in Pune is one of the most hectic ones because after getting into the market you will get confused from where to start.

Also after shopping, you must feel like grabbing and eating some good stuff and M.G. Road in Pune is famous for that too. You will never get a chance to complain about the availability of food on M.G. Road. From street food stalls to big restaurants you can find any type of desired food here. 

Koregaon Park


Koregaon Park, or KP, is a synonym for Osho Ashram which is a place for a lot of shoppers in Pune. This place is most famous for its shopping and also famous for its beautiful green lanes and eateries. Here you can find clothes and accessories ranging from a high price to a low one, from unbranded to branded clothes all at best prices which makes it one of the famous shopping places in Pune

If you are visiting Koregaon Park for the first time then these things are must buy for you which includes Osho Chappals, Shoes, Dresses and Gowns.

Fashion Street

Fashion street

Fashion Street in Pune is among one of the popular places for shopping in Pune. Ranging from wide ranges of shopping accessories such as Kurtis, Jeans, Jewelleries, Nightwear, electronics, toys, cosmetics, bags, and whatever comes on mouth you can find each and everything in Fashion Street. When you are in Fashion Street, it is advised not to stick to one shop for a particular thing because there are many vendors who sell the same thing at reasonable prices. Sometimes in some shops, you might get a chance of bargaining that can be pocket-friendly for you.

Laxmi Road

Laxmi Road

Spread over 4kms, Laxmi Road is one of the longest shopping places in Pune which covers almost each and every type of shopping items and is a must visit shopping-spot. This place is mostly famous for textile and garment shopping. The shops on Laxmi Road change their stocks every season, providing the latest stock to their customers and because of this, you can find clothes for any season here and hence it is considered as one of the best shopping places in Pune for clothes. Also, Laxmi  Road is good for shopping sarees in Pune.

Bajirao Road

Bajirao Road

If you are looking for some good furniture at discounted rates and of best quality then you are at right place. Yes! Bajirao Road in Pune is well known for its furniture shopping. From chair to dining table, from dressing table to bed, each and every item is available at this place. Although, Bajirao Road expertise in selling the furniture, there are some garments shops too.

Hong Kong Lane

Hong Kong

If you are looking for some imported clothes, then a place near Garware Bridge in Pune known as Hong Kong lane is famous for selling imported clothes. The clothes on here are imported directly from the South Asian countries bordering India. Not only imported but, the clothes you get here are on budget and pocket-friendly too. Ranging from denim to tops and footwear, including accessories like belts, perfumes, junk jewelry, and various cosmetics are mainly found at many shops here. Some of the top brands like Nike, Diesel, Wrangler can be found in the Hong Kong Market.

So, above goes the top list of the popular shopping destinations in Pune where you can find a garment of your choice at a reasonable rate. Whether be it any festival or be any event, the above-listed place will never disappoint you by the collection of stocks these shops are having. So, get out and enjoy some shopping with your friends as well as your family.



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