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What makes 2018 so Artsy? Worldwide Popular Art Festivals in India

Have you ever been to any Art Festivals in India? Not Yet? Okay. So, we welcomed 2018 but what about the rest of it?

We hear you! India and its ever so artsy festivals are here to shake things up and it’s alluringly calling you to be a part of it. And let us assure you, you’ll never be disappointed.

From the north of our country to the south, check out these events all set to take place this year. Mark your calendars and get going! You’ll probably find us there, happily cheering the exhibitioners for the amazing job they did.

So, here we present to you, our curated list of popular art festivals in India which are not just popular, but just insanely breathtaking:

1. Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

art festivals in india kalaghoda festival
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art festivals in india kalaghoda festival colors
Credits: Outlook India
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In the heart of the city that never sleeps, Kala Ghoda Arts festival has been showering people with all things art for a long time. Organised by the Kala Ghoda Association, the next edition is all set to take place from 3 – 11 Feb 2018.

If you’re someone who breathes paint, film, sculpture or handicraft, then praise the lords! This festival is a beautiful amalgamation of creations on all levels that you just can’t afford to miss! Also, read our Article about 5 Underrated Wanderlust Movies to get some Travel Boost.

They usually publish their entire list of participants and exhibitors a month before the festival so you can check which events attract you the most and then go! There will be a variety of workshops for “Art Festivals in India” that are held every day during the event week including visual arts, literature, music, and cinema.

2. SulaFest

art festivals in india sula fest food
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art festivals in india Sula Fest
Credits: The Huffington Post

If you’ve never heard of Sula or their Sulafest, you’re definitely living under a rock! Hosted every year in Nashik, Sulafest is an epitome of ‘sunny and cool’ which attracts thousands of people from not only our country but from abroad too. Sulafest is a true tribute to wine and good music.

Bands and singers from all across the globe perform a spectacular show for a massive audience on both the days of the event so you better get those jiving jeans out and dryin’!

While music is the ultimate center of Sulafest, you can also indulge in a series of wine tasting, why of course! It’s bang right in the middle of Sula Wine yards now, isn’t it? It’s going to take place on 3-4 Feb 2018 so book your tix now!

3. Jaisalmer Desert Festival

art festivals in india jaisalmer desert festival
Credits: Tour My India

A celebration in the desert? Yes, please! All set to take place from 29 – 31 Jan 2018, this desert festival is about to beat all other desert festivals! 42 km away from central Jaisalmer is Sam Dunes in the Thar desert where the festival cracks open to the public.

The festival commences right from the Jaisalmer Fort to the Shahid Poonam Singh Stadium. People wear colorful local outfits that are out of this world! Charge up your camera batteries up to max because you’ll never find so much color and enthusiasm in one place ever again, except if you attend this festival again next year!

From gorgeous food to amazing handicrafts, you will be left in awe of the amount of creativity spreading across the atmosphere around Sam Dunes! If that’s not enough, get out on a desert safari through the sands of Thar!

And don’t forget to Getting into Sufi Mood by visiting World Sacred Spirit Festival 2018.

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4. Hornbill Festival

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art festivals in india hornbill festival

Celebrated every first week of December, you can hope to actually spot Hornbills! Art Festivals in India is famous for this week of pure celebration of the endangered species and much more. If you get the chance to attend this highly auspicious festival of the Nagas (people of Nagaland), don’t miss out!

In fact, don’t count on a chance. Just go out and fly down to Kohima, Nagaland to begin the festivities! The extreme celebration, extravagant musical concerts at the end of each day and insanely amazing Naga food should be enough to entice you entirely.

It is a beautiful celebration of the Naga tribes and being a part of this will definitely make you energized for a lifetime! Check out their official website to know about the entire schedule and also places to stay during your visit.

A tourist shares a lighter moment with a Naga dancer as she fires a gun. (AP photo)

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5. Goa Carnival

art festivals in india goa carnival
Credits: Goa Tourism
art festivals in india goa carnival parade
art festivals in india goa carnival truck
Credits: CNTraveller

Mardi Gras in India, say wha! Yes, you heard that right. The Goa Carnival is the most famous art festivals in india, which is set to open on 10th Feb 2018 and end on 13th Feb 2018 is all things fun and color! If you thought the New Year hangover lasts only a day, come be a part of this carnival which leaks into the month of January!

Celebrated before just before Lent, the carnival lights up the entire city of Goa to another level altogether. All the streets are decked up, crazy food is served in every corner of the city and music fills the stillness of the atmosphere like nowhere else!

But also make sure you book your travel tickets and stay before as Goa will be overflowed during this month without a doubt. While you’re in Goa for the carnival, do visit some of the churches as they will look like they were in a movie!

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