Popular Places to Visit in Udaipur with these 5 Must Do’s

Looking for Popular Places to Visit in Udaipur? Trying to find your way around Udaipur for the first time? It’s time we helped you about! 

We have curated the top 5 things to do and popular Places to visit in Udaipur if you’re here to be a tourist! Check them out and tell us if we missed any.

1. Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Located at a distance of only 5 km from Udaipur, this place is a true sanctuary of all things wild! From Chital Sambar and Panthers to Blue Bulls and jackals, Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary holds home to countless endangered species and birds. During the 1760’s, the sanctuary area was used as an artillery dumping area so if you visit today, you can still find some of the antique cannons and weapons! Imagine being on a jungle safari and riding amidst abandoned weapons and spotting wild creatures along the way? Could it get more cinematic? There’s a Gorilla Viewpoint from where you can get an amazing view of the foliage, after which you can head to the Bari Lake. The strangest part of this lake is that it’s completely man-made but is insanely clean! The Maharana Pratap trail is one of the most sought after trails as it offers a beautiful view of the Aravalli Hills.

Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary
Credits: Rajasthan Trip

2. Eat your heart out! 

In a city that’s indefinitely scented with the aroma of thalis, you have to let out your inhibitions about having a weak stomach and just go eat to your heart’s content! There are a number of eateries that serve some of the world’s best, yes world’s best, arrangement of a thali so you can’t back out. A thali is technically a buffet but a served version, we can say! Head out to any of the restaurants or dhabas in this ever-loving city to experience what we’re trying to convey through words! And, if you are not impressed by a plate, we will rest our case and just go about preaching it all over again.

Traditional Rajasthani Thali
Credits: Saurabh Datar

3. Visit the Vintage Car Museum

A collection of vintage cars in a princely city? It’s like the marriage of good timing and perfection! For those car enthusiasts and oldies, this would definitely be a paradise. If you know somebody who’s crazy about antique things, they would bless your little soul for taking them to this place! It’s the best gift you can ever give them. From 1946 Blue Buick to 1946 Cadillac, from 1930 Ford to 1924 Rolls Royce, you will go crazy with the number of cars they own! These vintage cars belonged to Maharanas and their heirs used even today. There’s an old Shell petrol pump which was built in the golden era and is in great shape till this date. It’ll be like time traveling if you visit this museum!

1934 Rolls Royce in Vintage & Classic Car Collection Museum, Udaipur
Credits: Schwiki

4. Ride the Ropeway

The Mansapurna Karni Mata Ropeway is a 2 to 3-minute ride showing you a picturesque view of the city unlike anything else! The Karni Mata is a Hindu temple located at the top Machla Magra Hills so it was originally built to reach the hilltop. They charge a nominal fee to ride the ropeway so don’t forget your wallets! The view from the rope-car is immensely beautiful and a must-do if you’re visiting Udaipur for the very first time. You can get an amazing view of the Pichola Lake from up-top so carry your cameras on this experience of a lifetime!

Credits: Parsvnath Udaipur

5. Chill with the stars at the Udaipur Solar Observatory

The Udaipur Solar Observatory is on an island in Fateh Sagar lake. How much cooler can this get? It was inspired by the Big Bear Lake Solar Observatory in California which is kind of awesome, isn’t it! Being near a water body gives accurate readings so it couldn’t get geekier than this. When the lake is dry, you can reach the observatory by foot or by a jeep but when the lake is full, you will need to take a boat!

Lake Fateh Sagar & The Observatory
Credits: Pixelstitch



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