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Summer is almost here, and so is the disastrous heat that is about to hit us all in a wave. Those who ride more often would understand the pain of getting choked inside a helmet under the sun! 

In this article, we provide complete information about the all-new BluSnap helmet cooler which just launched in India. For years altogether, there has been a debate as to whether to entirely shun the usage of helmets or introduce wires inside it to prevent any heat strokes. Wearing a helmet in scorching heat is not only uncomfortable but also proven to be extremely fatal. As riders ourselves, we know how horrible things can get! There have been unfortunate times when we would almost think twice before heading out on our motorcycles because the aftermath of riding without any precaution has taught us valuable lessons for life!

blusnap helmet cooler india

So, the good guys at BluArmor came up with a little something called the ‘BluSnap’ Helmet which is going to blow up your minds! Well, actually cool it. An in-built coolant system, say what? Yes, they did it! These helmets are capable of lowering the temperature by 6-15 degrees lesser than what’s outside it!

This is what needs to be done When Your Bike Breaks Down!

cooling helmet india

With 10 hours of backup power on full charge, you can expect to ride for a long time without any hindrance. Gone are those days when you refrain from heading out on the roads after breakfast only because you’re afraid of the heat wave! These BluSnap bad boys are here for the save!

blusnap helmet cooler filter

The cooling strip is only compatible with full-face helmets and it takes less than 30 seconds to attach it! You can take it out whenever you want and get going on your long ride. As BluSnap puts it, “A sip a day keeps the heat away”, you’ll get 2 hours of cooling once the reservoir is full of water. Filling up the reservoir is as mandatory as charging the batteries is so you have to be careful of completing each of these like one’s duty. The device has a lithium ion battery which can be recharged by a micro USB charging cable.

Here is an Open Letter to you from a Biker!

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The device consists of a Handy Air Filter that cleanses the air as it passes through. This also means that you will have to replace it under 3 to 6 months span of time. Well, that’s completely doable if we want some cool, clean air now!

All you want to Know about BluSnap Helmet Cooler:

  • It can lower the temperature by 6-15 degrees than the outside ambient.
  • 10 hrs of Backup on a full charge.
  • Only compatible with full face helmets.
  • Can be attached on to your helmet in under 30 secs.
  • “A sip a day keeps the heat away” quoted by company-Bluarmor – You’ll get 2 hours of cooling once the reservoir is full of water.
  • The device consists of Handy Air Filter that filter out the dust. You need to replace it in 3-6 months span of time.
  • The device has a lithium ion battery which can be recharged by a micro USB charging.

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This Summer Ride Cool with BluSnap Helmet Cooler – ONN Bikes

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