5 Incredible Road Trips in India for Travelers & Bikers

India has got one of the world’s most beautiful sceneries by its roads and we can’t put together every place here because if we do, the list of incredible road trips in India for travelers and bikers will never end!

From Manali to Vishakapatnam, we went through every tiny detail we could find to put together this article so that you can plan out all your vacations before they just swoop past you! Here are 5 incredible road trips in India for Travelers & Bikers:

#1 Manali to Leh Highway

Leh Manali Highway
Source: Wikimedia Commons

From any perspective, the Leh-Manali journey is an epic in itself. The roads that open for only a few months a year, this 470 km will not only leave you terrified but also test your bravery to an extent that will only leave you with extreme joy! You will believe life is indeed beautiful.

Some beautiful places you will come across this route are:

Tanglang la, the mountain that passes its peak at over 5300 m. This is where you will cross the highest point – of not just this journey, but of your life! You can see the mighty Greater Himalaya with their only constant companion – the ferocious winds.

Then the second pass of this trip comes that is, Lachung la. The third pass is Nakee la. Nakee-la is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 15,647 ft. (4.769 m) above the sea level. Nakee la Pass is third of the five passes to be crossed while traveling from Manali to Leh Then it comes to Gata loops.

It is just a roller coaster ride you will never forget. The Baralacha la is the last pass of the day. When you reach there you are one state lower, in Himachal Pradesh.

The journey from Manali to Leh normally takes at least two days, or more days depending on the condition of the road and even your vehicle.

 #2 Mumbai – Pune Expressway

Mumbai Pune Expressway
Source: Nikkul

The growth rate of the population leads to more and more commuters between Mumbai and Pune and this lead to more trade. Seeing all these factors, the government realized the need for an alternative route between the twin cities.

The Mumbai-Pune Expressway’s official name is Yashwantrao Chavan Mumbai Pune Expressway.
It is India’s one and only first six-lane access control expressway. You will come across five tunnels of international standards.

For emergency cases, cranes are provided to lift and remove accident vehicles. This route not only shows us the advancement of technology but also beauty if nature with about 7000 trees planted on both sides of the expressway. There are a lot of eating points along the expressway that you must try. A travel portal has awarded number one rank to Shri Datta Snacks which is rated 4.5 out of 5.

#3 Vishakhapatnam to Araku Valley

Way to Araku Valley
Source: Dipayan Choudhury

A 114km ride from the coastal bank of Vizag to the slightly more terrestrial route towards the Araku Valley is one of the major attractions of the city. It takes approximately 3 hours to reach the valley.

A bike trip to Araku valley is romantic & adventurous but at the same time, one needs to be very cautious while driving as the ghat roads are very narrow with too many slight bends. During your journey, on one side of the road, you will see deep valleys and on the other side tree plantations. The weather is beautiful at its peak almost throughout the year.

#4 Bike Trip to Pondicherry along East Coast Road

The beautiful ECR highway
Source: Soham Banerjee

Pondicherry is the most preferred holiday destination for a weekend one day trip. Traveling through the scenic roads along the east coast of Tamil Nadu is a fantastic experience. The bike ride starts with the view of Bay of Bengal, lush green rice fields and fishing villages.

You will come across Sadras Dutch Fort, Alamparai Fort, Mudaliar Kuppam Boat House, Kalpakkam Township, Marakkanam Salt Pans Pyramid temple, and Chunnambur backwaters, Outseri Lake, ParadiseBeach, Serenity Beach and Bodhi Beach. Next stop is Odiyur Lake. You will create beautiful memories of the lake and the stunning sunset. This trip is a complete combination of adventures, history, and beaches!

#5 Shimla to Manali

Ridge Shimla
Source: Shashank Sharma

An amazing route with beautiful stark landscapes, no roads, and a wonderfully challenging ride/drive from Shimla to Manali is just what you would want on a trip. The first part of the trip is from Shimla to Rampur. As you move out of the roads of Shimla the roads wind gracefully around the hills.

Next is Rampur to Nako. The ride from Rampur to Nako is around 180km but it takes approximately a whole day due to the dusty and bumpy roads. The next route is from Nako to Kaza. The drive is filled with narrow roads and broken surfaces.Now you can tank up at the last petrol pump for the next 200km.

As you head northwest from Kaza towards the Kanzum La pass you will see hills everywhere but as you start climbing you get closer and closer to the snow-capped peaks. The route for Manali is also famous for its hour-long traffic jams and landslides.

These are just a few routes that we have mentioned here but there are yet so many such road trip routes in India that are very famous for their exciting paths and the scenic beauty along the entire route. These trips are most preferred by travelers as they can stop and enjoy the beauty of nature as and when they like.

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