5 Steps to Mastering the Sharing is Caring Module with a Roommate

Roommates may be tolerable or intolerable to live with but they come with a bigger blessing. The biggest blessing of living with a roommate is not having someone to share your apartment with but to have your apartment upkeep shared.

While you may not like the way they leave behind wet towels inside the bathroom, do keep in mind they help you pay for half the water bill. The shared economy aspect of living makes so many people opt for shared apartments.

Here are a few pointers on how you can turn the sharing into caring for your roommate.

1. Spend Time Together

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If you are paying for an apartment together, you should also be enjoying it together. Kick back your shoes on the weekend and spend time with your roommate relaxing or lazying at home. Nothing bonds people more than two lazy souls in stale pajamas.

2. Go Out for a Fun Night

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While it is nice to hang out with each other at home, your apartment should not be the only place you be seen together.

Go out for game nights or dinner at special restaurants. Co Living Spaces hosts special game nights for its vibrant community to give its hosts a wonderful time together while interacting with others. The chilled beer thrown in adds to the party.

3. Get out Together

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Every once in a while, we all like to get away from the crowd. While there is no dearth of place for you to go away for a silent weekend getaway, how you get it is equally important.

Been missing the breeze on your face for a while? Then hire a bike with ONN Bikes and you will be well on your way to an elusive weekend. Make your roommate tag along and you will even have a partner to switch places once your back starts cramping.

4. Leave the Expenditure Tracking to a Wallet

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When you run an economically shared household, there are bills to be maintained and paid on time. If you have a roommate who tends to forget bill due dates, there is an easier way of reminding them to pay up than just hankering them.

Use an online wallet that keeps track of both spending’s of both and helps split evenly.

5. Be Respectful when they Miss their Bills

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Even with the smartest of wallets and apps to help us around, some of us are bound to forget to get the groceries or meet due dates. It is only natural that your roommate gets annoyed at this behavior. However, no matter the fault always be respectful and give them the benefit of doubt.

Be polite no matter how often they forget. It is, after all, easier to live with a person you don’t hold grudges against.

When you run a household together, sharing becomes as important as caring for the person you are living with.

It is only then that you bond with your roommate to create a relationship that lasts you even after you have shifted out of the apartment.

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