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An Ultimate Guide for Travelers & Bikers who loves to go Solo : 12 Solo Traveling Tips from Nomads.

Solo Traveling Tips: Traveling solo has always been a big deal in our country for a variety of reasons and that also causes the number of solo travelers to fall.

Be it societal pressure or even self-doubt, doing anything alone has somewhat been looked down upon. But once you learn that traveling alone is probably the best way to learn about yourself, you’d always want to do it more and more. Traveling solo has its pros and a few cons too, and as long as you’re aware of these things, you should be okay!

tips for solo bike riders and travelers

1. Understand your Strengths

If you know what you’re capable of, nothing can bring you down. Make sure to list out each one of your strong points while traveling solo and work on them every day. Understanding one’s strength goes a long way not only in your personal life but also in your work space.

2. Live in a Hostel

Staying in a hotel is so 90s! Find a hostel in the place where you’ll be staying and thank us later. Hostels attract a variety of people from all over the world. Meeting new people is always so much fun! That’s one of the best perks of solo traveling – you discover stories from places you didn’t know existed!

3. Expect a Wide Range of Emotions and Expressions

Solo traveling may feel strange to some people, but exciting to others at the same time. You’d come across people from both the ends of the spectrum. Seeing each kind adapt to things is a beautiful process to witness. So go out there without any expectations and try to be less surprised if someone acts differently to things you’d find normal! Everyone is different.

4. Learn a few Local Words

Having your principles set right is probably your biggest strength. Find out the local language of the place you’ll be traveling to and learn a few words from it. Words like thank you, sorry, no, yes, how much is this, I would like to buy this and how to go there. There are more phrases in the language which could help you down the line. So do your research before you reach your destination!Learning a new language is not as hard as it seems!


5. Befriend a Novel

Oscar Wilde once said –I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.” which is absolutely right. Whether you’re traveling in a train, bus or plane, reading a book will relieve all your stress and open your eyes. In the new digital age, packing a book would also suggest packing a kindle! Pick your poison!

6. Take a Million Photographs!

Don’t be ashamed of being branded as a social media syndrome victim. You’re in a completely new and strange place which implies by default that you have to take a million pictures to tell everyone about it. It’s all right if you don’t want to publicise about your explorations, take pictures for your sake. Memories last a lifetime and so do photos.

7. Food is Priority Number One

Research shows that people often skip food while traveling either due to lack of time or unsuitable type of food. Skip everything else and feed your tummy first! You need loads of energy to explore sites and no energy bar replacement will do the trick. So venture out your plan and find a nice sitting place to enjoy local food. Even if you’re a little skeptical about the type of food they serve you, try it out! Trying new cuisines is far more exciting than an empty stomach.

8. Getting an Early Start

A good breakfast and an early start reduces fatigue and lets you enjoy the trip in a better way. An early riser gets 70% more chance of finishing all the places to visit in the list over someone who sleeps late and misses breakfast. Even catching a sunrise over the hill can add to your ‘things to do on this trip’ and make it even more memorable. Is there anything more soothing than a sunrise?

9. Find people through Social Media

It’s completely okay to search for people on Instagram or Facebook if you’re not stalking them for reasons other than their work or art. Reach out to these people over DM and tell them that you’ll be visiting their place. They might even take you around and show you things that you wouldn’t otherwise find on your own. Take advantage of Social Media and win at life!

10. You might become Alone but never Lonely

Traveling solo implies that nobody starts with you for company but you return back with a million friendships. The feeling of being alone is gruesome and it might even give you the chills. It might make you feel like you’re alone in this world but stay strong. Because if you don’t, you’ll lose sight of those short moments you can enjoy and experience during your trip. So forget about small worries and carpe that diem!It's okay to wander away

11. It’s okay to Wander Away

We all have lists and a well formed idea as to what to do in our trip. Sometimes it’s okay to wander away from the plan. People find unusual and better things when they are off the track. As long as you’re still exploring around, it’s completely okay to get lost.

12. Learn about the Culture!

Before leaving for your trip, do minimal research on the culture of the place. It’s always a bonus point if you camouflage with the locals rather than appearing to be a tourist! In this way, you can avoid tourist scams and any other tourist related gimmick easily. Also, learning about a new culture is a brilliant way to tell someone your travel stories. Impress someone with your knowledge!

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