5 Most Weird & Strange Places in India to find your Inner Will Byers

A happy Upside-Down here in India? We kid you not! These strange places in India are eerie enough to give you the goosebumps. 

For all those Stranger Things fans, we’ve got just the right places for you to explore the wilderness and feel like you’re in a Netflix show! While these places might not exactly replicate the ones they show on-screen, you might be able to relate to the cold breeze and barren lands as these are places that people most often don’t visit.

So get out your backpacks, head-lights and film cameras because you’re in for a eerie ride for most Weird & Strange Places in India.

1. Bundi, Rajasthan

This place in Rajasthan is a perfect place to accelerate your Instagram game for its ever so beautiful townscape will leave you in awe. And, you can reach Bundi quite easily. Get off the Kota railway station and take an autorickshaw or the local bus. Covering 35 kilometers in total, you’ll reach Bundi under 2 hours!

Numerous eery and unused stepwells in the town will give you the chills, we promise! The murals in palaces depicting typical Rajasthani culture stands out as one of the most beautiful art renditions in the country. You can visit the Chitrashala Palace and be our guest!

Its view of the town is unmatchable and completely worth the visit. Besides the palaces, there are numerous Rock Art sites that more than 5000 years old which you can give a visit to further get the chills!

Taragarh Fort Bundi,Rajasthan
Credits: Ashish Chatt

2. Vattakanal, Tamil Nadu

If you want to view a blanket of clouds from up a hill but afraid of climbing too much, head to Vattakanal in Tamil Nadu! Getting here is easy too – hop on any bus leaving Kodaikanal and get down at the bus stop as Vattakanal is only 7 kilometers away.

You can either stay in Kodaikanal or at Vattakanal as there are plenty of options in both the towns. Before heading out to the main points of interest, fill yourself with heart-warming food at the Altaf’s cafe where you can enjoy continental food at its best! After that, you can start your trip towards the Dolphin’s Nose which is the most sought out place in Vattakanal.

The Mountain Viewpoint is the next place where you should head! It’s a downhill walk to the edge and will definitely give you one of the best views there is in Vattakanal. If you visit this place after sunset, it will surely remind you of the ‘Upside Down’ – not to the extent where Will was stuck for a lifetime, but better!

Hills at Vattakanal, Tamil Nadu
Credits: Bikash Das

3. Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Kasol is synonymous with the ‘Bob Marley’ lifestyle and will truly transform you after you visit the first time! Of great Israeli food to artistic cafes with mind-blowing interiors, Kasol is a fantastic place to loosen up. With loads of adventure sports off the shelf, you can find young people from across the entire world trekking up hills and be setting up camp.

You will definitely be tempted to sleep in a tent too! We’re not saying you shouldn’t but if you are the adrenaline junkie kind of a person, go ahead and pitch your ‘Byer’s Castle’!

It will be the best travel decision of your life. The best part about Kasol is that the climate pleasant throughout the year so you don’t really have to worry about planning much. Just get out your backpacks and leave!

Snow capped Shivalik Ranges from Kasol, Himachal Pradesh
Credits: G Shashidhar

4. Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

One of the oldest towns of Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro is more mysterious than you think! Its weather is cold during the summers and even colder in the winters! The Meghana Cave Temple located on top of a  hill is more than 5000 years old and you can explore the mystic forces within the cave to get yourself a little goose bumpy.

The view from the top of this hill is insane and you’d think twice before venturing into the dense forest at the foothills. From up top, it just looks like a green blanket with beautiful mountains as the backdrop. Who would want to leave? Not us!

You can also trek upwards the Dolo Mando if you feel like you need to wear out your shoes a little. This trekking trail is for intermediate level climbers who have a little experience in trekking. If you’re a beginner, you can ask for a guide to mentor you along the trail. The Pine Grove is extremely similar to the ‘pumpkin farm’ in Hawkins and will definitely give you shaky legs if you went alone after the sunset!

Ziro town landscape
Credits: Krish

5. Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

The cleanest village in Asia is called the cleanest for a reason! It is not only spotless but beautiful to an extent that cannot be spoken about. It’s just beyond anyone’s comprehension!  Though it looks amazing and Instagram-worthy, don’t let the eeriness of the whole place get to you.

Crawling with wild things, this little town in Meghalaya is home to exotic creatures that you wouldn’t have ever heard! It’s not just the animals, but you will also find numerous beautiful flowers and creepers everywhere you walk. So do look before stepping on something!

Plus the insane ‘Living Root Bridges’ will definitely leave you with a ‘How is this even possible’ sort of a feeling. There is also an 85 ft high bamboo tower which gives you an amazing view of the village on one side and Bangladesh on the other! How cool is that?

Living Root Bridge near Mawlynnong                    Credits: Kiranjit


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