An Open Letter from a Biker – Things not to say to Motorcycle Riders

The time has finally come, to answer questions posed by non-bikers to us. Have you ever wondered how it feels to be questioned about your favorite things? Here’s an open letter from a biker for you!

Dear non-bikers,

There’s something you should know.

We’re bikers for a reason. We love to cruise around on our bike, may it be a Harley or an R1, every acceleration, turn, milestone, makes us feel alive.

And we get it, when you look at us, there are things you wonder, questions you want to ask, experiences you want to listen to. Ask them right away! We love sharing our bike tales.

But, but, but, there are some things you should definitely not ask a biker.

Here are a few questions that we hate getting asked

Aren’t you scared of meeting with an accident? What if you die?

Did you mean to ask if we should stop breathing? Because we can’t! We can’t stop riding bikes just because there’s a probability that we might die because of an accident. Well, you should stop eating that street food you so vehemently gorge on. What if you die due to food poisoning? Come on, death is inevitable. And, we aren’t scared of dying while riding because, to be honest, that’s where we feel alive the most.

Why not choose a car which is way safer?

Car vs Bike

Okay, we obviously know that cars are ‘comparatively’ safer but choosing to ride a bike is our way of life. Our bikes are not just a machine, they’re our passion, something we look forward to every day. The sound of the bike, the feeling of being free and liberated, having the flexibility to go on impromptu trips without feeling like you’re caged in a four-wheeler enclosed machine is what makes us choose a bike over a car.

How do you deal with other riders on the road?

Of course, we know that there are other riders, cars, and drivers. But guess what, we never focus on things we cannot control. Focusing on things that are not in our control will never let us enjoy our ride. And, we need to feel the wind without thinking about things that could happen to us because of other riders.

Why do you spend so much money on bike stuff?

Biking gloves

The same reason you spend your money buying gadgets, clothes or makeup. Because you can. So, do we. Well, everyone can choose where they want to spend their own money on, we choose to spend it on things which will make our riding experience better. It’s an investment and luxury at the same time.

Will you ever stop talking about bikes?

If you’re asking any biker this question, there’s a chance that might be the last conversation you’ll ever have with them. Sorry to break your heart but we won’t stop talking about bikes. Remember when we said, riding is our way of life; do you really just stop living?

And, there are so many other questions that we get asked all the time that this space is not enough for jumping into each. Although we don’t like getting attacked with stereotypical questions, occasionally we like explaining our utter interest in bikes.

We like to talk about it way too much, and when someone asks us why we ride – at first, we do lose our minds but that’s the thing about being a part of this community. You ride, you talk about how much you enjoy it and bring more people to ride. That’s our circle of life.

Bike at rest

So that’s it for now, we’ll recommend you to take a bike and go around to know why you shouldn’t ask your biker friends those questions.

Your biker friends.


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