7 Offbeat Things to do in Indiranagar, Bangalore on a Weekend

Bangalore has always been blooming with new places offering various activities for people of all ages. From a whole new list of events lined up for every week, you’d usually miss out on quite a few. 

For people who like to do spontaneous things, there are places in Bangalore, and most prominently Indiranagar which fall under ‘Things to do in Indiranagar’ and ‘ Places to hangout in Koramangala‘ list of every Bangalorean, any time of the year!

Except for curated events like comedy nights, poetry slam and concert, you wouldn’t need to book a seat for anything else. And if you are a die-hard instagram lover, you’ll be glad to know that the list of Photography Spots in Bangalore for Instagrammers is topped by Indiranagar as it has so much to serve.

And, that’s the beauty of Indiranagar – you can never get enough. Connected to MG Road via the metro, getting to Indiranagar is the easiest compared to other areas in the city. With more than 50 restaurants and new age cafes in and around the place, you’ll definitely have a tough time choosing where to eat! Hence, we’ve come up with this list of things to do in Indiranagar.

things to do in indiranagarThings to do in Indiranagar on a Weekend:

Indiranagar is not only crawling with infinite food joints and hangouts, it also boasts about its big stretch of greenery along its roads and streets.

1. Equilibrium Climbing Station, Indiranagar

Equilibrium climbing station - Things to do in Indiranagar, Bangalore
Credits: Equilibrium Climbing Station

Google Map Location: Equilibrium Climbing Station, Indiranagar

Located just opposite the CMH at CMH Road in Indiranagar, Equilibrium Climbing Station receives climbers all throughout the week. You need absolutely no reservations to visit  The best time to visit would be in the morning as a majority of the crowd starts pouring in after 6 pm every day.

For those of you who don’t know what this station is all about, it’s an indoor rock altitude climbing studio which lets you climb mountains without leaving the city! All you have to do is wear fantastic shoes, get strapped up to the suspension and climb towards the summit!

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The best part about ECS is they have amazing facilities like shower rooms and shoe rental service. In case you don’t have appropriate shoes, you can rent a pair for however long you want it for. So you can actually head there straight from work and make the most of their services.

2. Laser Castle, Indiranagar

Laser Castle - Places to Visit in Indiranagar
Credits: Laser Castle

Google Map Location: Laser Castle, Indiranagar

Lasertag is one of the most highly underrated sport in our country, but its slowly gaining popularity among the geeks. Laser Castle in HAL 2nd Stage specializes in lasertag like nobody else. With a huge wildlife themed castle, it’s definite that you’ll never want to get it over with!

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They have a wide variety of time packages which means you can either get inside the battlefield for 10, 15 or more minutes. If you go with a huge group of friends, there are chances that you might avail a great discount too. The age group for this sport is limitless and anyone who has experience playing COD will ace this quite easily!

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You’ll be briefed on the whole game before you begin so don’t worry about trying to find how to play laser tag on google. Before the briefing begins, you’ll be given the laser gun and asked to wear the laser tag jacket. That’s when some true adrenaline starts getting pumped!

3. Lahe Lahe, Indiranagar

Lahe Lahe - Things to do in Bangalore
Credits: Lahe Lahe

Google Map Location: Lahe Lahe, Indiranagar

Poets, writers, dramatists have always dreamed of a place like this in their city. Lahe Lahe is the exact epitome of all things art and getting here is cakewalk too!

Present amidst the hustling HAL 2nd Stage, it is a not for profit community platform which aims at bringing artists from all backgrounds to express themselves in the most unique and liberating way possible. They have an interactive event almost every week and support all forms of art coming from both professionals and amateurs.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out in poetry or acting, get here and learn so much more than that. If you want to build your network and meet people who are interested in the same things as you are, then Lahe Lahe is the place to go to. Check out their Facebook page for all the upcoming events and embrace your artistic side like never before!

4. Escape Hunt, Indiranagar

escape hunt, bangalore - things to do in indiranagar
Credits: Escape Hunt, Bangalore

Google Map Location: Escape Hunt, Indiranagar

Everyone’s heard of an escape room in the city, but an Escape Hunt is an altogether new concept that you have to experience. It’s located near Sony Signal, Indiranagar and doesn’t disappoint one bit!

For people who absolutely love solving puzzles and riddles, Escape Hunt offers four completely different kinds of experiences. You will get around 90 minutes to solve the case with your friends. It is suggested to play this game with at least 4 or more number of people as it is a team building game and needs constant feedback from everyone on the team!

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The initial briefing will be enough for you to gain confidence and show everyone the Sherlock in you. Escape Hunt is usually flooded during the weekends with people from all age groups competing to win the prize! A lot of companies choose Escape Hunt as their official retreat because there’s nothing more fun than solving a case with your team – it’s a great team building exercise as well!

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5. The Otherworld Shop, Indiranagar

The Otherworld Shop - Things to do in Indiranagar
Credits: The Otherworld Shop

Google Map Location: The Otherworld Shop, Indiranagar

Nature never stops giving, and we need to start respecting that. The Otherworld Shop is solely focused on reviving the good out of absolutely anything. They are located opposite the Barbeque Nation and easy to visit. Get into their zone and find all things nature-friendly!

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They recycle a variety of things and love taking personalization requests from people too. Meet them, talk to them and create something extraordinary! It’s way better than spending all your money on commercialized items, right? This place doesn’t tamper with your creativity either, so let them take you to a completely different creation level!

6. The Humming Tree, Indiranagar

The Humming Tree - Things to do in Indiranagar
Credits: liveinstyle.com

Google Map Location: The Humming Tree, Indiranagar

With a diverse list of events and hosts, The Humming Tree on 100ft Road is a place in Bangalore that nobody wants to miss out on. They curate all sorts of events all around the week and there’s no small-scale planning.

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It’s always a little over the scale but that’s what they are really good at. Comedy nights and music gigs are one of the two most biggest highlights and tickets usually get sold out within hours of ticket release. They have a rooftop which recently got renovated so you can have high expectations before going there.

7. Claytopia, Indiranagar

Claytopia in Bangalore - Things to do in Indiranagar
Credits: Zomato

Google Map Location: Claytopia, Indiranagar

Claytopia is one of the oldest neo-art cafes that Bangalore got the privilege of hosting. They let you paint pots and bowls to whatever style you want. You can unleash your artistic side here and even munch on the cafe favorites while painting!

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The list of items on their menu is extremely exhaustive and you would definitely be confused on what to order. They are open all days of the week and is always swarming with people anytime you go. You can pick the clay item that you would like to paint and confirm it at the counter. If it is ready, you can take it back home or they will call you the next day. It’s as simple as that! 

There are just so many things you can do in One day in Bangalore, specially in Indiranagar.The most interesting thing about Indiranagar is that it’s constantly shrinking. A good way to get around the place would be by walk but it gets a bit too hectic! A solution to that would be riding around a two-wheeler as a four-wheeler has a number of disadvantages like finding a suitable parking space or unavailability of parking space at all! So enjoy the advantages of riding a motorcycle and keep riding ONN.

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