6 Bizarre Customs & Traditions around the World-Travelers Guidelines

We couldn’t keep a track of Ross and Rachel’s relationship. But, in a world with 195 countries and 20 different kinds of religions, we did succeed in finding the whackiest traditions from around the world!

Well, we got you the 6 weirdest, unique and coolest tradition you will ever hear of.

Polterabend – Germany

Munich, Germany

Do not get confused with the German word, it simply means to make a lot of noise in the evening. This tradition is to test the teamwork of a couple who’s about to get married in a few weeks. Friends and family come together to break pottery, toilet bowls, china plates or anything non-glass material.

It is believed that the more mess the guests create, the better. The couple spends the whole time with a broom trying to clean up the mess, which instills the spirit of teamwork for their marriage. Finally, a tradition where making a mess is considered positive.

Famadihana – Madagascar


The Merina tribe in Madagascar have a bizarre family reunion celebration tradition. This is the tradition where they dance with the corpse. Family members take the bones from the tomb to change the burial clothes and wrap them in fresh new clothing.

The hosting family spends a ton of money for the tombs than they would usually do for their own house. Friends and family travel from far off places to drink, sing, and dance with the corpses as they decompose. The bones are returned back to the tomb with gifts of alcohol and money before sunset as they consider sunset to bring negative energy and sun as a positive one. This tradition takes place five to seven years after the first burial.

Throwing spices at unmarried people – Denmark


If you’re turning 25 or 30 in Denmark and don’t have a spouse, be prepared to get things spiced up. The story goes back to 16th century when Danish spice vendors spent a lot of time doing business and none dating or trying to find the one. And eventually were #foreversingle, giving them the tag of Pebersvend which means pepper dudes. Since then Danish men and women have been taunted to have been single on their milestone birthdays.

25th Birthday – Get showered with cinnamon

30th Birthday – Upgrade to pepper

Now you know whose birthday to celebrate in Denmark!

Monkey Buffet – Thailand


Yes, we know, it’s weird. But this is considered as a spiritual tradition in the Lopburi (city of monkeys), Thailand. As per belief, Lord Rama gave away a piece of land to Hanuman who is the king of monkeys and it brought good fortune to the place and people. To express that gratitude, every year on 25th November, a buffet with almost 4000 kg of food and drinks is laid out for the monkeys to feast on. This festival attracts a lot of tourists, contributing to the local tourism.

They were right to say that monkeys got the land good fortune.

Fat Thursday – Poland


Why should monkeys have all the fun? Take a ticket to Poland to participate in the fat Thursday tradition where you compete for eating the highest number of doughnuts. On this particular day, you can skip the weather talks with your friends and instead ask them, “how many doughnuts did you eat”? Tlusty Czwartek (in polish) is definitely the coolest tradition on this list.

Spitting for luck – Greece


People in Greek spit for various spiritual reasons. Out of which the main one is to keep the evil eye away. The spitting sound (ftou, ftou, ftou…)  is always made three times to represent the Holy Trinity. They say “Ftse Ston Korfo Sou” which means spit on yourself to ward off the evil eye. From fishermen spitting on their nets for a good catch to a mother spitting on her baby for protection, Greek people do it all.


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