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A Few Travel Destinations that Every Biker Must Experience!

Adventures and scenic beauty is what increases the number of places to visit in a travelers bucket list. Hence, we’ve selected a few Travel Destinations for you.

What makes the trip even more interesting and exciting is the thought of connecting with nature of that destination.

Well, connecting to nature, means you need to experience the roads, the mountains, the breeze, the plants and trees and of course greenery around which can definitely be enjoyed when you are traveling on a two-wheeler with your partner who is equally as travel enthusiast as you or with a group of friends!

Remember, you live just once, so just explore these top 10 travel destinations in India, before it is too late.

1. Rohtang Pass-Holiday Travel Destinations:

travel destinations india rohtang pass
credits: Kiran Jonnalagadda


Exploring Rohtang Pass, which is a natural valley between Kullu and Lahaul and Spiti valleys’ gives you an experience like never before.

It is a narrow pass giving you a closer look and feel of nature. The cold winds and snowy weather will definitely make your trip even more adventurous and thrilling as you have to face bad weather conditions that usually prevail in this area.

Biking along this steep and narrow pass is what you must do once in a lifetime!

2. Sikkim-Best Natural Tourist Destination:

travel destinations india sikkim

Sikkim known for the calm and peaceful monasteries is a beautiful and charming destination which you can explore on your two-wheeler.

This heavenly place is free of pollution, be it air or noise pollution. People here are organized and maintain the peace of the city by abiding the traffic rules and regulations.

Just like the place, even people are peaceful and calm. However, do remember to maintain the same level of peacefulness and abide by the traffic rules while exploring this scenic destination.

The cool atmosphere is just right to travel along the clean and tidy routes of this tourist place. The air carries the freshness of love and harmony which can be sensed all over.

3. Goa-India’s Party Capital Destination:

travel destinations india goa

Goa, where the sun never sets, is yet another perfect travel destination where you can fulfill your eagerness for fun and thrill by exploring this place on your bike.

Being a popular tourist spot, Goa is quite occupied by travelers across the world almost throughout the year.

Thus to make the most of your holidays in Goa, it is best to travel and explore the busy streets on a two-wheeler and enjoy this place to the fullest!

Park your bikes along the beaches and enjoy your blissful mornings and evenings on the sun-kissed beaches of Goa.

You can spend your night by partying on the beach too, just pick your bike and get ready to go!

4. Leh:

travel destinations india leh

Leh is definitely one such travel destination that is always on every traveler’s bucket list.

Situated on high altitude, Leh offers a lot of challenges to bikers due to harsh weather condition.

But exploring this mountainous region and experiencing the scenic beauty is worth taking the challenges.

Of course, the best feeling is when you explore this snow-covered region on your heavy duty bike with your group of friends.

It is more of an achievement and gives you a feeling of satisfaction after conquering higher heights of Leh on your bike.  

Leh-Ladakh is one such traveler destination that you just cannot ignore if you are a true adventure-lover!

5. Manali-Leh Highway:
travel destinations india manali-leh

Manali-Leh road trip is every bikers dream! It is the favorite route trip for every travel enthusiast who wants to experience the nature closely.

Be it a solo traveler or a huge group of friends, this road trip is quite a comfortable ride along with its own set of challenges.

However, it is one such dream road-trip that will be remembered by every biker for his/her lifetime.  

6. Wayanad, Kerala:
travel destinations india wayanad

Kerala, God’s own country, is yet another tourist attraction which is known for its rich heritage, culture and panoramic beauty.

With lush green mountains and flora and fauna, this place is definitely a biker’s paradise.

The alluring beauty of Kerala draws the attention of people from across the world and to explore the hidden beauty of this small piece of paradise, you have to bike around to experience the nature at its best.

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So what is the wait for? Just plan a holiday and rent a bike to explore the beauty of places of your choice!

And if you are still in dilemma, whether to rent a bike or use another transport medium? These 5 Interesting Advantages of Riding a Motorcycle will definitely change your mind.

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