These Online & Offline Travel Planning Apps are Trusted & Life Saviors

These days, traveling in India is a rewarding experience. Not just traveling but also travel planning is a lot easier than before. Thanks to these online and offline travel planning apps for making travel a roller coaster ride in and across India. 

10 Best Travel Planning Apps:

You can use these travel planning apps to set yourself on the right track, guide your ways, discover interesting things, plan trips with like-minded individuals, networking with solo travelers, book flights, and hotels, etc.

1. Ili

Ili Translator - Travel Planning Apps

The world’s fastest offline translator for travelers you can easily travel to new countries and converse with people without much hassle. Moreover, due to the amazing offline features of this app, you won’t even need an internet connection while trying to converse in some other language.

The app is relatively new with respect to others, but it has already managed almost 30,000 satisfied users. A great feat in its own accord. Desktop Ili App is available for Macbook and Windows from which updates happen on connecting Ili to its app.

2. Skyscanner

skyscanner travel planning app
Credits: Youtube

Skyscanner is a great travel planning app, especially if you have a specified budget. The app manages to get you the cheapest flights available, based on your query. Moreover, there are provisions to find the best and cheapest boarding and lodging as well as travel options in the app.

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The app is a single stop solution for all travel related queries. Try this app before your next trip.

3. Packpoint

Packpoint travel planning app

Packpoint is a great app to enlist all the things needed before traveling. The app enlists all the items based on the type of travel, duration, weather condition etc. You can manually enter the various items that you might need along for the trip as well as the suggestions from the app.

Forgetting items or predicting what you might need is one of the most common issues that arise during travel, well no more all thanks to Packpoint.

4. Hostelworld

Hostel World travel app
Source: HostelWorld

The tourist brochure is usually very different from the real world, and real travelers are never satisfied by just the brochure. Hostelworld is an app with which you can search for various hostels in different parts of the world. It also gives you a chance to experience the real world, the places for what they are and not through the thick lens of the 5 stars.

You can now pack like a pro with our life saving packing hacks!

5. Posto

posto travel planning app
Source: Google Play

Finding a suitable place to eat and drink in a new country can give a headache to many. In the end all that matters, is you go to a nice place that you enjoy, making the trip not feel like a hassle. Posto keeps track of all your favourite dining experiences and drinks. It further helps you share your experiences with all your friends in the app database. With the app your friends can guide you to have the most chic dining experiences all over the world.

6. Tripit

tripit travel app
Source: Apple iTunes

The app takes your email confirmations for flights, accommodation, car rental and more, and turns them into a detailed trip itinerary. I’ve needed to pull out the app to find confirmation numbers, hotel addresses etc on more than one occasion (to say the least), and the app has not disappointed once.

7. XE currency

xe currency travel planning app

There are many currency conversion apps out there, but XE Currency is one of the oldest and still one of the best.

Just install the app and add the currencies you think you might use anytime soon, and it will take care of the rest. Rates are updated whenever you’ve got an Internet connection. You can quickly convert between your chosen currency and all the others on a single screen, even when you’re offline.

8. Pocket

pocket travel planning app

Save any articles, blog posts, videos or anything else into Pocket, and you can view it later offline! It’s perfect for flights, and you can save reading material directly from your browser or from apps like Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse and Zite.

9. Triposo

Triposo travel planning app

It is a multi-purpose app that takes social-travel information from Wikitravel, Wikipedia and several other sites, and wraps it up into a slick, useful offline guide.

You’ll get recommendations for activities, hotels, restaurants and more, including a map and basic directions. There’s plenty of background information on each destination, as well as phrasebooks, currency conversion and more. It’s an impressive app, especially given the price (free).


jetzy travel planning app
Source: Jetzy App

If you love traveling like a local, Jetzy is a fun app that is geo-targeted to help travelers and locals connect, meet up, and learn more about the place they and you are exploring. Also, there’s a points system that rewards you with various vouchers and free trips if you are active on the app!


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