Let’s bring back New Year Resolution Ideas for 2018

Even if you are a Bad Keeper, you can Easily keep these New Year Resolution Ideas for 2018. Resolutions for New Year have been bashed at for a long time and we felt a little guilty for adding Fuel to the Fire.

So here’s a list of some out-of-the-box New Year Resolution Ideas for 2018 which you can actually stick to and not whine about them in December 2018. If you’re a bad keeper, we promise you can keep these at the least! Trust us, we’ve been there too!

1. Be Less Perfect

For every time you strive to be perfect, think about this – ideal things only exist in theory. No matter how hard you try to achieve something, there will always be a higher ground to compare yourself with. So ditch all the perfect ideologies in the trash can and place it outside your door!

incomplete puzzle pieces

2. Plan out your Holidays in advance

Planning out your holidays in advance will leave you in an ever-enthusiastic mode throughout the week! Subconsciously, you will also be motivated to work and finish early. It’s a double whammy, right? So dust off your planners and write down all feasible places that you can visit easily. Start small – trust us, it will be highly rewarding. Even a short distance ride with your bike is just fine and if you don’t have any, you can rent a bike of your choice starting @ just ₹99

Plan out your holidays

3. Leave all Electronics out of the Bedroom

Studies show that people who sleep next to their phones always have an unbalanced sleep. So buy an alarm clock that you wouldn’t need to set on every night and keep it next to your lamp table. This way you can stay away from the electromagnetic waves and have a good night’s sleep!

Leave out all electronics out of the bedroom

4. Travel somewhere you wouldn’t Usually go to

Some of us like beaches while the rest of us like hilly terrains. This choice is completely personal which is why it varies from person to person! So step into 2018 with a different agenda. Make it a point of visiting a new place every time a travel plan is born. Be the first and last opinion – go out there and make memories! Check out these Trekking Destinations near Mysore to get some ideas.

Travel more

5. Make a New Friend every month

You know how everyone wants to know everyone else? You can take the first step! Break the ice and find a new interesting personality to befriend! It doesn’t take much to know someone’s name so you can start from there. Ask them about their favorite things – it’ll make them feel nice. You can talk about your favorite things too!

Make new friends every month

6. Cook a new Cuisine every week

So, cooking is a herculean task? Says who? Says someone who gives up easily! You have to truly understand the amazing feeling you get when you eat something you cook! If you have a kitchen garden, use fresh herbs from the garden in your cooking. It’s just beyond comprehension!

Cook a new cuisine every week

7. Leave Kind Notes

Ever looked at someone’s face just after you complimented them? It lights their little face! Wherever you go, try leaving behind as many positive vibes as you can. It will definitely change the way people look at you and leave you in a happy mood for a long time!

Enjoy Little Things Positive Concept

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