5 Best Non-Veg & Vegetarian Restaurants in Thrissur from Bangalore

One of the best experiences of anyone’s lives is to go on the most epic road trip. Especially when you take out a bike to complete your road trip, the experience is usually filled with a whole range of excitement, emotions and energy. To keep up that energy you need to feed yourself thus we came up with these 5 Best Thrissur Restaurants.

Road trips are simply one of the most fun experiences which you will ever have in life. That is what makes it an absolute essential to stop for quality food every now and then.

The roads of India are dotted with restaurants and dhabas. They serve the best food with an incredible rustic feeling. Your road trip to Thrissur may be too dotted with some of the best places to fuel yourself with a hearty meal.

With the rustic flavours and an elaborate range of dishes, dhabas are some of the best places to eat at. These experiences are vital when it comes to the classic road trip memories.

If you are a food enthusiast and love having street food, you must know about these delicious food trucks.

In the following list, we have curated the top five best dhabas or restaurants which may fall in your path while journeying towards Thrissur. Check it out to find out everything about it:

1. Saravana Bhavan-Vegetarian Restaurants in Thrissur


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Image Credits: The Hindu

Google Map Location: Route Map

This particular restaurant is hands down one of the most picturesque one in the whole of  Bangalore-Cochin Highway. Saravana Bhavana is known for attracting crowds from different corners of not only the country but also travellers and tourists from all over the globe.

Come here and bask under the sun, while relishing the mouth-watering South Indian dishes. People would come here and enjoy the extraordinary natural beauty which surrounds them while enjoying the scrumptious food which Saravana Bhavan is extremely well known for.

If you happen to spot this particular place on your road trip, certainly make it a point to stop and enjoy the delicious food which is served here. Don’t miss the amazing lunch-hour meals they serve. 

2. Gayathri Hotel-Non Veg & Vegetarian Restaurants in Thrissur

VegNon Veg

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Image Credits: Yatra

Google Map Location: Route Map

Yet another absolute classic in the world of restaurants, Gayathri Hotel is one of the best-known delicacies. Particularly renowned for their flavoursome dishes, customers flock to this hotel as soon as they are able to spot it on their way during a road trip on the Bangalore-Kochi highway.

Gayathri Hotel is well known for serving an ample amount of food for the prices they charge. The lip-smacking and scrumptious delicacies will simply leave you craving for more.

Popular amongst travellers, the lawn restaurant is ethereal and caters amazing food. Specialising primarily in South Indian dishes, the Gayathri Hotel is a must stop shop for your hunger and elegant, yet economical ambience.

3. Swathi Delicacy, Kunigal


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Image Credits: FoodYas

Google Map Location: Route Map

One of the most renowned restaurants in the country, Swathi Delicacy is an absolute must stop-by for enjoying some of the most delectable and scrumptious delicacies which one can enjoy during a road trip. If you happen to be a vegan, this is the perfect spot for you to stop by.

Swathi Delicacy serves the best vada you’ll ever get to eat and a relishing coffee with it makes your day. If you happen to get a chance to stop by, park at the ample space they provide and content your tummy with the ultra delicious snacks before continuing on your exciting road adventure!  

4. Gowri Krishna, Pollachi


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Image Credits: Trip Advisor

Google Map Location: Route Map

Hotel Gowri Krishna is famous for serving some of the most delicious value-for-money meals in the country. If you happen to pass this dhaba at the extended Pollachi bus station, make sure to halt the expedition and step inside to enjoy some of the most scrumptious meals which you have ever treated yourself to.

With a comfortable seating and right near the Gandhi statue, Hotel Gowri Krishna will give you the perfect South Indian feeling with the food served elegantly on the banana leaves.

Therefore, sit back and relax while you enjoy some of the yummiest plates of food which the restaurants of this country have ever been able to offer.

Being a pure vegetarian restaurant, everything is served and taken care of with utter cleanliness and care. Do try the idli and medu vadas. They taste simply out of this world!

5. Vijay Punjabi Dhaba, Angamali

VegNon Veg

Vegetarian Restaurants in Thrissur-vijay-dhaba.jpg
Image Credits: JustDial

Google Map Location: Route Map

The quirky Punjabi style establishes the fame for Vijay Punjabi Dhaba. They serve some of the finest chicken and payasam which will leave you feeling hearty and content. This dhaba is sure to entice your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

With enough parking space and situated near the Bharat Petroleum, it’s easily visible. Considering the suggestions of the people who have been here, do try the Pepper Chicken, Punjabi paratha and very amazing chat masala dishes.

Don’t miss out this dhaba will you are travelling towards Thrissur.

There you have it! India is a land which is full of a variety of cuisines and cooking styles.

Dhabas of India establish the rawest expressions of the gastronomical setting of this country. There are innumerable restaurants and dhabas in this country and the search for the best of them is an endless one.

As of now, these few dhabas around the nation have been tried and tested. Make sure to keep exploring and discovering new avenues to find incredible food! Road trips are all about adventure and exploration!

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