Pune Points of Interest for Couples, Travelers & Nomads

Pune is a historical city filled with various mind-blowing and extraordinary scenery. Exploring this city is more than just your average adventure!

One doesn’t just visit Pune for just passing time but to explore the mystery of Shivaji Maharaj and to visit the Agha Khan Palace and Shanivar Vada where a regular performance is displayed in order to remember the people who fought against the Mughals. These weekend getaways from Pune are your next big breaks!

Why Pune?

Pune is like a living heaven, the beautiful sceneries, the powerful plays, the enchanting and mouth-watering food makes people mesmerized whenever they visit Pune again. Pune houses best colleges, the history of the Great Maratha Warrior Shivaji Maharaj and a lot more.

Chathrapathi Shivaji's Statue inside NDA, Pune
Credits: Amit

If you are on weekend getaway then you may start your day with a drive from airport or station straight towards Vaishali, where you can eat delicious breakfast. It is located on the famous Ferguson College Road. If you are from Pune aka Puneri then you will know that a Puneri is always particular about the best quality of food to eat and at Vaishali you can find many locals and foreigners enjoying their delicious breakfast.

The place is popular for South Indian food but why not try out Maharashtrian food too. The best recommendation to eat would be the mouth-watering Sabu Dana Wada and sweet curd. After the breakfast, head out to “Roopali” which is opposite to Vaishali for some good coffee if you are a coffee person or else just head to your next location if you aren’t. The place is owned by the same owner but mostly aged people prefer Roopali as the atmosphere is great and warm there.

Maharashtra's Misal Pav
Credits: Yogesh Unavane

It’s time to explore the city and head out to Shivaji Bridge, an olden bridge where you can capture some good pictures and be mesmerized as this was built in honor of Shivaji Maharaj. A few minutes of walk and you’ll reach the amazing Shanivar Vada which is one of few monuments that are still surviving from the golden Peshwa era and when you look at this you’ll realize how beautiful it had been there.If you stay by there something around 7pm or 8pm, a show is organized for the tourists depicting the story of Peshwa’s and Shivaji Maharaj. I have been to it and it’s amazing.

If you love trekking, then Kamshet is a must visit as it is a popular hill station located near Pune, a scenic village situated at the elevation of over 5500ft above the sea level this beautiful place has a lot of exciting activities and amazingly beautiful scenery. The warmth exists everywhere in Kamshet, and it can be only felt when visited. You can experience farming, swimming and even a small walk in the lovely surroundings in Kamshet, or even go paragliding. Kamshet also has caves where you can camp on and enjoy the beautiful caves.

Every Indian knows about this place called ‘Matheran’ it’s quite a famous hill station and is located near Pune. Filled with enchanting beauty and mountain ranging high enough that if you climb one you can watch the beautiful sunrise in the morning. The beautiful scenic background will leave you mesmerizing it for your whole life. Tourists visit this place mostly in Summer as it’s cool and completely chilled out during Summers.

Mumbai - Pune Expressway
Credits: Kaushal Karkhanis

Do you remember a Mughal emperor who wanted to help the poor and built a palace so that he could help those in need? Yes, the ‘Aga Khan palace’. It was built in 1892 by Aga Khan and this palace is a testament to the architectural wonders of an era which is totally gone now. It is one of the most important landmarks in the Indian history and has also served as a prison for various freedom fighters, most notably Mahatma Gandhi. It comprises of Italians arches, sprawling over huge green lawns and hallways. It also hosts Gandhi National Memorial society and has a shop that deals with Khadi and Handloom textiles.

This excellent fort is Located around 30 Kilometers away from Pune, called as the Sinhagad fort, and serves as an excellent destination for trekking. Trekkers love this place due to its significant location atop the Bhuleshwar Range of the Sahyadri Mountains. You can enjoy the cool vibes of the weather and also know how this fort once acted as a military outpost for the Maratha empire.

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